I’m a MA student, and I think I’ve made a big mistake submitting to my first conference…

I submitted an abstract to a regional academic conference over the summer, and it was accepted. I had to submit the full version of the paper for the student competition a few weeks ago. I was having trouble cutting my material down to meet the limit– all the conference said was that papers should be “no longer than 20 minutes.” The due date crept up on me, and I did my best to cut it down as much as possible, not having enough time to read through my drafts out loud to see how “long” they were.

The conference is two weeks away, and I have started practicing out loud…and it’s taking me around 27 minutes to read my paper. What do I do? Is it a big faux-pas to shorten my submitted paper for the presentation so it doesn’t go over the time limit? I’ve had trouble getting in touch with the conference organizers about other things, so I’m doubtful that I’ll be able to talk to them about this.

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