I didn’t really study much for the exam because I overslept due to hormones and I know it is not an excuse but anyway during the exam, my class mate passed me a paper with answers in it and by the way it was my first time to do this kind of cheating so I just go with it for the following reasons:

1.) So that my grade in the exam will be much more higher;

2.) and to make my COLLEGE life much more memorable (which is ridiculous).

Then eventually my teacher caught me for I was awkward and a NEWBIE to this thingy and “oh my god” he deducted 20 points in my test paper!(meaning that I could get a negative score! I don’t even know if my score is more than 20 points already) and my reaction to it was I laughed it off and accepted my mistake but deep inside it felt like i could die out of embarrassment. Thank God he didn’t tell all of my classmates of what I did.

What should I do? My next class is on Monday, 7 in the morning. Should I just skip class to wait for all the embarrassments to go all away? I know I will take all the responsibilities of this action but I think it is not enough for my dignity because I know if I studied i could’ve got a decent score and would’ve not cheated (of course).


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