I have not been a very good student while attending college. Whenever attendance was not mandatory I would probably miss class. My grades were a lot better than people attending every day but it has been cases I attended only few times a class over the entire semester. But my GPA has been 3.8 and did a double major (Both were science majors, 20 credits a semester, in a reputable school).

However, whenever I attended class I always tried to participate and made my voice heard, the professors knew who I was. I went to office hours and was respectful of them. But I am sure that all of them don’t think high of me, in terms of achieving a master’s degree. I also have high ambitions and I am applying for an ivy league school.

The problem is that I did not act in a very professional manner towards them. I had many personal issues and was still discovering myself at the time, but this is all excuses nobody will understand.

The recommendation letters seem to be one of the most important aspects of the application.

  1. First of, how will I manage to ask a professor to write a recommendation letter for 5 colleges I am intending to apply to?
  2. Does it make a difference for the professor what school I am
    applying to (ivy league or not)?

  3. What criteria should I use when picking the professors that will write a good recommendation?

  4. I live in a different country at the moment. Should I go and meet them in person to ask for this?

  5. I burned a few bridges, but how can I influence their opinion at this point and show them how much I have grown after college and how
    much better I have become and it is partially thanks to them?

I am really scared of asking them. Any tips or advice is greatly appreciated it.

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