The competitive application process for CNRS jobs has opened this week, and part of the required documents are a report on past work, as well as a project for future work (together with a list of CNRS labs where this work could be done). There is not much information about what these are expected to contain; the instructions only specify “Report on research completed” and “Proposed research program”.

More specifically, for a “chargé de recherche” (junior scientist, a permanent research position with no teaching), how much detail should be given in these two documents? How long should they be? Is there a typical structure that one should follow for them?

It is my understanding that the national committee members may not (and in my case are not, I checked) experts in the specific domain of the applicants, there is e.g. a committee for all of sociology, another for “brain, cognition, behavior” and so on. If this makes any difference, I’m looking for answers that deal with an application in a STEM field, not social science.

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