I’m posting on here becuase I’m at the beginning of my junior year of college and starting to have to more seriously consider my post-grad options. I love math and computer science, have taken a lot of challenging/interesting courses, am looking into starting to do some research with a professor, and starting to wonder whether I have a shot of getting into a respectable PhD program for either math or computer science (~top 40 school or better if possible).

Also, I’m would love to hear any suggestions you have of either

i). things I could do to improve my chances of admission. I will say, my biggest weakness is my GPA–I’ve enjoyed my time in college to the detriment of my grades at times.

ii.) good schools (outside of the obvious top 5-10) to consider

I appreciate your feedback! Some details below..

College: Dartmouth

Overall GPA 3.51 avg for college 3.438

Math Courswork: (GPA 3.13 avg for Math Majors 3.34)
Multivariable Calc, Probability, Linear Algebra, Probability and Statistical Inference, Functions of a Complex Variable, Topology, Real Analysis, Algebra, Measure Theory and Complex Analysis.

CS Coursework: (GPA: 3.62 avg for CS Majors 3.61)
Algorithms, Software Design and Implementation, Computer Architecture, Operating Systems, Computational Tools for Applied Science, Machine Learning, AI, Rendering Algorithms

In terms of experiences, I’ve helped build a tool to do cross linguistic analysis of classical texts for the Classics Department at my school and I just got finished interning for the summer at a tech startup doing some software dev work for them.

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