During class, I asked my instructor about a certain thing that didn’t make sense to me. Basically, there was a problem that I couldn’t figure out how to solve using the methods we’ve studied. The instructor told me that the problem couldn’t be solved using those methods. As this aligned with my own suspicion, I took her word on it and moved on.

During the oral exam, I was talking about this, and said that the problem was not solvable. The examinator said that it is solvable using those methods, and he explained how.

My response was “ah, I see, that makes sense”, and then we kept on discussing.

But now, after the exam, I am thinking whether it would’ve been acceptable of me to just “put the blame” on the instructor by saying that I got the wrong information from her?

On one hand, that is the truth, and by telling them this, I might avoid being held responsible for a mistake that wasn’t entirely my fault.

On the other hand, and this is how I felt during the exam, it felt to me out of order to bring up the instructor in the exam. She wasn’t there to defend herself, so it seemed wrong to talk about her “behind her back”, so to speak.

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