I am enrolled in a new hybrid Business/Mathematics graduate program at a small liberal arts college in the Pacific NW. Since last fall, I have completed 6 of the 12 courses required to obtain my MSc. These were mostly business courses. Now I am at the point where I need to take my mathematics courses in advanced statistical topics.

My intention was to complete the program in 2 years (as per discussions with my admissions counselor), but my advisor has now told me that given the low enrollment, I may be looking at 3+ years to graduate.

Does this situation seem acceptable? I would like to approach a dean regarding this to see if these courses can be offered 1-on-1 or guided-study so that I may graduate in a reasonable amount of time, but am not sure what is the norm in this situation.

To note:

  • There are roughly 10 students in the program. There is no “cohort”,
    and most of the students take only one course per semester, as that
    is what their employer will cover. Because of this, it is unlikely
    that these students will drive significant enrollment to these
    advanced courses in the near future.
  • This is an accredited college. The program is unaccredited (it is not a typically offered program at many colleges). However, all of the other graduate programs offered at the college are accredited.

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