I’m entering my third year of undergrad in the US, so I will apply to CS PhD programs in December 2017. I’m the second author on a paper that was recently accepted as a poster to one of the two top conferences in my field. However, the conference is the week before final exams. Is it worth it for me to go? I’d have to start applying for travel grants fairly soon.

I’m planning to submit a first author paper soon to the other top conference in the field, which I should actually be able to attend as it’s over the summer. I also hope to attend another one in February.

On one hand, basically anyone who’s anyone in this field will be at this conference, and maybe I could meet potential advisors, etc. It’s also in a pretty cool location which I’d like to visit at some point anyway. I’ll spend around a day each way just in transit.

On the other hand, it will make the end of my term quite stressful and probably negatively affect my academics.


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