Any suggestions as to where or how I can locate or arrange such a prepublication research critique exchange would be greatly appreciated. (I have already spent many hours searching the Internet.) I am a retired PhD and I have written an original non-major updated general statistics book. It is intended to reduce the cost of texts for students both here in the US and in the third world. It also updates and expands on power and sample size considerations. I even have proofs available and have arranged a low price for a beautiful print job. But I have gotten to the point that I am probably plowing n as many errors as I correct. I have no contacts or funds to do a prepublication check and critique. So, I am seeking someone to search it for errors, etc. I could do the same for their book in another subject such as elementary geometry or trigonometry, first year calculus, basic or college algebra, linear algebra, etc. My background includes public health, crop science, entomology, ecology and marine biology as well as statistics.

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