I have my Bachelor’s and want to go to grad. school—and I want to go as soon as possible. I recently quit my industry job (I hated it) and am now searching for a job at a university. I can’t register for the GREs now, it’s after the deadline, but there are some other options I’ve thought of:

  • Take classes in a Master’s program, take the GREs in April and try to get into a Ph.D program
  • Apply to universities that don’t require the GREs (some in the US, but most in other countries)
  • Find a way to register for the GREs

My degrees are in, and my target field of study is either Physics or Mathematics. Do you folks have any suggestions, or judgments regarding the viability of my above presented options?

(P.S. – This question is not off topic. Any single person who did not register for the GREs, but still wants to begin grad. school could use this question. Nothing depends on “personal preferences” because my personal preferences [outside of wanting to begin grad. school ASAP] are in no way relevant. The answer accepted is appropriate, and easily generalized.)

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