I have submitted a small piece in two Journals, one for the Journal’s blog and one for an on-line version of it but haven’t heard from them for quite a while. I submitted to the first one on 12 May, didn’t get any response and I e-mailed them on 27 May just to make sure they received it and I finally got a response on May 31 asking for extended cuts. I expanded the article to meet the second journal’s standards and I submitted it on 25 June. Meanwhile I submitted the cut version to the first journal on 3 August. On August 18 I tried to send an e-mail to confirm that the second journal had received my piece and the e-mail that I send to the original submission address failed to deliver (I received a relative notification). Anyway, I e-mailed the general submissions address of the second journal to let them know of the problem and ask if I need to re-submit and have received no response until today.

I know that it may seem that it is not a long time but the short version of the paper is 4 pages and the long one 7, so it shouldn’t take much time for the editors to finish reviewing it (another journal responded within a week). Also I need to increase the number of my publications to apply for some positions asap. Should I try to re-contact any journal or should I just keep waiting?

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