My paper has been accepted in poster session of a conference and in the email that I have received is mentioned that :

Posters have to be formatted in LNCS-style and not exceed 1 page in
length, with a PDF draft of the proposed poster included as page 2 of
the submission (A0 size in portrait mode, W 841mm x H 1189 mm, with
all fonts embedded in the PDF file).

It’s my first time that I want to participate in a poster session. I have worked with LNCS (Lecture Notes in Computer Science) format and it is strange to me that how can I design a poster using LNCS format ? Because this format is very limited for this purpose (consider for example: margins and the space remains for writing). You can see its style here:

Here is the website of the conference :

Is someone who has experience of designing a poster using LNCS format ?


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