I am 5 years into my postdoc, which has been up and down but I now have a decent publication record. I like what I am doing, am ready to manage people and can’t wait to get out of the lab and no longer be a postdoc. I have many ideas and not enough hands. But, it is becoming clear that to be “successful” one has to be willing to look absolutely everywhere for a faculty position. I am in New York City, I moved here for my postdoc from London, UK, and love it here. I have friends and a support system, a husband, a great apartment. Aside from that it is relatively convenient for flying to the UK to see my family – who have a lot of problems, which I am struggling to deal with. Although I think I might want to have a faculty position, I want to be here more – and I think I need this to feel happy. My family problems has taught me that life is too short to be miserable and do things that will make you unhappy.
My boss is going all out promoting me to her PI friends and telling them how great I am, asking around for positions and introducing me to people – which is incredibly supportive. But she keeps suggesting places I just can’t see myself living in, and says I need to be open minded. The fact is that I simply do not want to. What would you do? If I tell my boss this, I feel like I’ll lose her support and need her on my side for the next step (which also I wouldn’t mind being in industry). I am really confused and don’t know how to have this conversation with my boss or if I should at all. Any ideas?

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