Sybari released her foot, letting it fall behind her to the floor. Catching the other, she pulled it above her head to a needle and overstretch, one hand braced against the wall. She dropped her leg back to the ground and walked over to her lyra. The sunlight pouring through the window glinted off the silver metal, shimmering as she kicked up into the circle. It had been calling to her throughout her morning stretch, and she’d had to take a break to change into something nice for it.Now she wore a barely-there teddy of black lace and straps, the open crotch baring her vulva. Her new hoops hung from her labia, the six matching blue crystals attached to the ends. They were heavy and pulled deliciously. They dangled and beat her legs as she moved through poses on her aerial hoop, making her juices ooze from her hole. She swung one leg through the middle so she straddled the metal. It felt cool jammed between her lips and slid easily back and forth when she rocked her hips.”Are you having fun without me?” May asked, coming into the room. She walked over and set Sybari’s chains swinging like pendulums.”Not now you’re here.” Sybari gripped the hoop and rolled back, kicking her legs into a split above her head.May held Sybari’s arse in one hand and lapped at the mess weeping from her cunt. She dipped her long tongue inside, twisting it so the piercings tickled her vagina. She pinched her clit and ran the barbells over it. The metal clinked as she licked at her labia.”You are fucking phenomenal,” said Sybari, letting out a moan.May chuckled. Her tongue suddenly stopped, leaving Sybari’s pussy bereft and begging for more. Before she could crane her neck to see what May was doing, something cold pressed against her hole. It slid into her with a quick thrust, plunging deep inside.
gasped and felt herself slip slightly. “Shit!”
May’s arm wrapped around her waist. “I’ve got you.”She felt fingers fiddling around her labia, shifting the rings around. “What are you doing?”
“Tying a cute bow on you.” May crouched down to give her a kiss laced with her juices. “Will you show me your routine?”pulled herself up into a sitting pose, allowing her to see the pink ribbon May had laced through her piercings. It loosely held her labia together, preventing the gold dildo that was peeking out from underneath from escaping. She slid back, hooking her knees over the hoop and going into a hang underneath. She switched to hold it with one arm, and then flipped back up into a lying pose in the hoop. Each movement shifted the dildo and changed the angle at which it prodded her insides. As she reached to grab her foot and draw it behind her to her head, she let out a moan.”Oh, mmmuh.”A fresh gush of fluid soaked the ribbon and dripped onto the floor. Her walls squeezed the large intruder, trying to milk it. She wanted it to move. It was torture to have it embedded in her and stationary. She shot a look at May, asking with her eyes.May bit her lip, her chest rising and falling. She had her tails twisted together and shoved up her pussy. “Are you loving the performance as much as I am?”

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