I’m editing a dissertation for APA style. I’m encountering a number of transcribed interviews that appear similar to the following:

I’m very consis-…ah, -consistent…yeah.

The ellipsis issues aside, this is the first time I’ve encountered dashes as shown above.

It appears that the dashes are cues for an incomplete word in the first part of the quote and for the complete word in the second part of the quote.


In any case, my inclination is to suggest to the author that they rewrite the text by using brackets, i.e.:

I’m very consis[tent] . . . yeah. (If pause and hesitation are not crucial.)

I’m very consis-(pause) . . . ah, consistent . . . yeah. (If pause and hesitation are crucial.)

For those of you who are well-versed in APA for dissertation purposes, would you agree with this or suggest a different way of handling it?

Note: I was not successful in looking for guidance in APA 6th edition and at apastyle blog.

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