I’m a PhD student currently writing a scholarship application, and there is a section in which I can include any non-refereed contributions, which includes conference presentations. For such presentations, I am to indicate whether the conference is, in their words, “institutional, regional, provincial, national or international.”

Some of the conferences I’ve presented at are very obviously international and national. However, I’m having some difficulty classifying some of the smaller, graduate conferences I’ve spoken at.

I suppose my question is: what is an institutional conference? At what point is a conference considered regional? Provincial?

It seems a bit silly to just go from the title of the conference. For example, if conference X has the name of a city in the title, it would be regional, but conference Y has the name of a province in it and is therefore provincial, even though conference X had greater attendance and was considered to be higher profile because of an established history. As such, this is probably the wrong way to go about it. What is the right way?

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