I have contacted so far 5 supervisors for my master program that I want to enrol in ( applications open late September and admission January 2017) .

I emailed various faculty in the most polite way possible. Introduced myself, showed that I am interested in pursuing a research career in their field, talked briefly about my achievements but only one supervisor replied. I am not sure why is this happening ? I have attached my transcript ( I am not a high GPA student but I received excellent grades for my thesis and seminar courses).

  • I emailed them this week ( and one hardcore researcher last Friday)

what could be the reason ?
note : I am intending to apply for the biomedical engineering program (one I really want to pursue) , most students have engineering undergrad however , I have a biotechnology degree. Could that be the reason ? the department said my biotechnology degree is acceptable for that admission purposes.

Any input is appreciated!

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