I have been talking to a professor from University X and had agreed I would work in her lab at the start of the semester. She has been amazing and has worked with me through the entire process. I was accepted the other day and she wrote a letter to get me funding from the University, which ended up being approved.

I was going to write up the letters to other professors I had been speaking to this weekend to let them know of my decision and thank them for their time and consideration. I wish I had.

I just received an email from another professor and at University whose program is ranked slightly higher. This professor has a higher H index and their mentor wrote the book in my field, and also has coauthored many papers with the leading researchers in my particular interest. Basically, slowly turning into a dream placement the more I look at it.

I spent hours searching for anything that might rank the university X (the original) over university Y and the more I researched the more I had the feeling I may have just made a mistake. I know I shouldn’t have accepted without hearing back from the other universities, but things were moving fast and I didn’t slow down to take a step back. So, without accepting in writing, just conversations via email and skype, would this be a big foul? It is pretty clearly spelled out for those entering during the fall under the April 15th Agreement, however for the Spring Semester,there doesn’t seem to be any guidance. I understand that there was considerable effort put in by University X and I am not decided either way, I am just wondering if it is worth my time to worry about/approach the situation.

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