I’m taking a course on Mathematica, which is a bit expensive for me to afford. On the first lesson of this course, the teacher told us how to crack this software, and asked us to have Mathematica 11.0 installed on our computers by this Wednesday. However, I just don’t want to use cracked softwares.

While it is true that software cracking is inappropriate and even illegal, almost everyone around me uses cracked softwares(such as PS, AE…). As far as I know, nobody in the rest of our class refuse to crack and install the software.

So what should I do? Having a talk with my teacher or simply quitting this course?


This course is actually named Numerical and Computational Methods Based on Mathematica (Or in Chinese: “基于Mathematica的数值计算方法”), so Mathematica is presumably only used as a tool. However, using Mathematica is clearly inevitable.

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