I am preparing the final document of my PhD and I would like to include some kind of identifier to my person – something like a DOI for people. My intention is to to make it easy for the readers of my thesis to get in touch with me and to have a look at my other work. As I don’t know at what university I will work in the future, it shouldn’t be something related to my current university.

I feel like ORCiD or Google Scholar could be good options, but there are many others out there, such as Mendeley, Scopus, etc. However, I would prefer to include only one or two links.
What are the most professional, persistent, and commonly used researcher profiles in academia?

I will soon write a new article with new collaborators (my first paper with other people, I’m in math). For some context, I know one of them well, but I’ve never met the others in person.

I use Git to manage all my papers. I’m wondering if I should suggest the use of Git to them? If so, how much should I press the issue, what should I say when suggesting it?

I can use it alone and apply their changes manually, but it would be infinitely easier if everyone just used a VCS — and not just for my own personal comfort, because Git does make writing the paper easier, IMO.

The main issue is Git’s learning curve. I can offer to make everything as simple as possible (set up the repository myself, help out with technical issues they might have, direct them to tutorials), but academics are busy people, and they might not want to learn a whole new system for just one paper (even though I believe that were I they, I would then use Git for everything…).

I applied for a tenure track job, and was recently told that I would be better qualified for a different TT job in the same department and should apply for that position. The person who contacted me said they are on both committees. Do I need to write a completely different cover letter? The template of my letter makes sense, so I’d essentially just be rephrasing the letter with generally the same content. I don’t know if that looks any better though since I could add some new information but I’d still want to hit the same points as in my previous letter. Or is it possible that they wouldn’t even remember my original materials anyway?

PS, on top of that the job descriptions aren’t all that different so I’m not even sure how I would make a new letter more specific. Literally like the only thing different is the title of the position and that the candidate should “have a background in X.” Just based on principle, I don’t know if a new letter is necessary.

I’m looking to stop lurking the stack exchange community and actually participate a little more.

A little background, I am a student in University in my freshman year of my Computer Information Systems – Programming Track Degree.

So this issue I have occurred about a week ago in my freshman visual basic class. Now I have been programming on/off since I was 11, so I knew quite a bit of the basics already. I understand that I am a little farther ahead than some of the students, but I don’t ever talk about it or show off. I am very reserved about that kind of stuff.

Actually, this instance was the first time I openly talked in the class and asked a question. We were assigned a lab to add up every integer between 1 and the number entered by the user, and then display the sum. So if the user entered 10, it would display 5050. No big deal, so I get started.

Now this is where the issue happened. I realized that the user could enter a large number and cause an overflow error if we just used Int32s, which was all he went over in the class. I wanna figure out if he wants us to use Longs so we can calculate those higher numbers, or if he just wants to use Ints and catch the overflow.

So here I am, hand raised, about to ask the first question I have ever asked in this class. I said something along the lines of, “Would you prefer us to use Longs or to use Int32s and just catch for overflow.”

I kid you not the response I got from the class literally made me slide down in my chair. The Professor starts laughing and says “Use Int32s without checking for overflow.” And the whole class around me starting giving me weird looks and some even vocalized, “Why would you do that?”, “That’s stupid”, etc.

In my head, my question made complete sense. I mean, I’m not going to claim to be a programming god, but I thought that by now I had basic stuff like checking for errors understood. Why would not encourage us to do that / am I just being stupid?

All I know is that I was extremely embarrassed.

PS : He did already go over Try Catch in the class, and the Long data type. So the class would have the knowledge to check as long as they knew what an Overflow error specifically was.

TL;DR – I asked if we should check for overflow in a program in my class, Professor and whole class acted like I was crazy. Feel embarrassed.

I am an undergraduate pursuing mathematics and computer science in the research university at U.S. Inspired from the applications of algebra to math and statistics, I have been trying to find a suitable project in the mathematics with supervision from a faculty member, or a reading course in some topics of the pure mathematics. I have been sending emails to professors at the math department for either a reading course or a project (regardless of the difficulty) I can pursue, but they are either not interested or ignoring my emails and corresponding followup reminders. When I visited one of faculties during her office hour, she told me that she have been ignoring my emails since she is not interested in my proposal of research idea (I felt sad for a while as I hope she just informed me she is not available).

The general outline is that I approach professors doing research similar to my interest, and ask them if they have any available project. If they do not have projects, then I ask them if they are interested in hearing about my own ideas.

I am started to feel anxious about it as I really like to work with professors in the mathematics (my interests are not really in the domain of CS, but more or less the pure mathematics and its applications in theories of CS); I am interested in their research, but they are not interested. I understand the busy schedules of professors, so I am curious if there us any way to approach them to acquire the opportunities of project or reading course. So far, none of the professors at the department is interested or available…

I’m working on SIMDization and Optimization. I usually do some great jobs. But writing a good article needs a good knowledge of writing skill. I’ve implemented many programs. I can write and organize the paper. But editing the article take a lot of time for me, because of some silly grammatical mistakes. I just thought it might be possible to contribute someone who knows English well and add him/her name as the second author. Is It a good Idea? If yes how can I find someone? Preferred from Toronto Ontario.

Is there any organisation that is responsible for regulating or keeping a record of all University level courses offered at different Universities across India?

I’m looking for an official website of any recognised organisation that enlists all the courses offered in India.

From repeated google search I couldn’t come across any.