I have been involved in my PhD now for about half a year but my setup is potentially more uncommon. It feels very independent because I havent got a research group I’m involved in at all. It’s literally just me and two of my supervisors and I work in a completely separate building to both of them and I have absolutely no one to collaborate with or talk to about my research or ask for help. Is anyone else in this same or similar situation and if so/or do you have any advice on how I could improve my work situation because at the moment it feels very lonely and when I get stuck there is no one around to ask.

If a journal requirements for patient’s photograph say “Patient Photographic Authorization and Release form (when appropriate)”, does this mean i must include patients acceptance for publication of their photograph ? or i may not include it, or what does “when appropriate” really mean in their statement.

I currently hold a Bachelor’s degree in Pure Mathematics and my plan is to pursue a Master’s degree in the USA. However, I’m a bit worried about the possible non-injective grading scale transition that exists between the USA and European universities.

What I mean here is – majority of the sites out there postulate that ultra-high GPA of 4.1+ is required to get admitted into top USA universities. I’ve also read about the scaled GPA where the topmost grade is 4, so this might be the case of my university.

Another issue was that getting a good grade, for example 8,9,10 (almost impossible) out of 10 points, was really, really hard. Moreover, I remember myself happy getting 4 out of 10 points in a specific subject. On the other hand, I know some friends of mine who study Humanitarian Sciences and get top grades all the time… So is there some difference when comparing the fields of study?

The 5th ICSD 2017.will be an excellent opportunity to share your ideas and research findings relevant to the Sustainability Science,through the European network of academics Papers will be published in EJSD Journal(Thompson Reuters) and Proceedings

Organized by: ECSDEV- European Center of Sustainable Development – CIT University

Read more: http://www.ecsdev.org/index.php/conference

Is it of any use to complete a specific concentration in any Master’s field.

For example there is information assurance concentration in MSIS(minimum 3 courses must be taken from this concentration to complete it). So if I can clear the whole semester and get good grades without completing any concentration from my field of Masters, would that affect me in some way?

It would be great if the answers were based on whether it hold any academics value or is it considered important for jobs, instead of putting up perspectives.

I have a strong GPA from a competitive undergraduate institution. I have participated in three research projects, two at top 10 physics institutions and one at a national lab. I am working on a senior thesis and a publication. My GRE scores are low. I am trying to ensure that my personal statements show I have a well-developed research plan and I know what I want to be doing in graduate school. I am looking mostly at nuclear/particle astrophysics programs. I have been trying to network with professors at the schools I am applying to. I am wondering, is there anything more I can be doing to improve my chances as an applicant? How should I locate “safety” schools?

During high school I had the potential to be a top student (99th percentile SAT, AP 5’s, etc.) but never did any work due to some mental health issues and so really didn’t have anything to show for. After high school, knowing I wouldn’t be accepted to any decent university and needing a change, I committed myself to a number of volunteer opportunities around the world for the next year.

I’ve now figured out that I want to pursue computer science and electrical engineering, and I’d like to build things to improve the world. My mental health issues are taken care of, and I’m ready to do something big with my life, but I’m stuck with miserable grades from high school. I have a year split between various locations around the world, but high-speed internet and a decent amount of free time are constants. Are there opportunities to enroll in an online university program, and then transfer from there to a top-tier university?

Note: I’m happy to provide more info if needed, but this change is here to stay. Also, one of my parents is European, so I have access to the EU education system as well.