I am still searching because a good Google search still only retrieves results such as algorithms and data structures.

Are there such books that exist explaining at slow & easy pace, the things that occur ‘close to the metal’ such as how the kernel manages drivers, the OS, hardware, etc etc?

I am not interested in knowing high level abstractions of CS before what happens on the metal.

Thanks in advance

Addition: the scope of this book should extend lightly into how machines manage machine/assembly code. As you may tell I am yet unfamiliar in this area.

I have a Criminal Justice AA degree & ten years of law enforcement experience. I’m considering going back for something like a Master’s in Law Enforcement Administration or Criminology, however financially I would need to be in a master’s program because of the funding tier that opens up.

Can one enter a master’s program with an associate’s degree instead of a bachelor’s degree? Is this an something that anyone has seen done before?

I’m a PhD student, from Europe, nearing the end of my thesis.
I’m going to the USA for a conference in a few months. A couple of professors (assistant professor level, both fairly young, recruited in the past 2 or 3 years) whose work I’m very interested in teach in the vicinity of the conference venue.

Would it be acceptable for me to e-mail them out of the blue and ask them if they’d like to meet/have coffee to discuss common research interests?

They both do literature like me and care about similar methodological issues. However we work on (and in) very different geographical areas, so the chance of us ever meeting at a regular conference are low.

Is this ever acceptable? Does rank/school factor into it?

I’m in the 7th semester (of 10) in History and I’ve been doing some work on my thesis. I have most of what I need to begin. My planned topic is about how viticulture developed in California in the twentieth century and how it influenced viticulture in the rest of the world especially since the 60’s.

I already have a lot of knowledge of wine as I’m a certified sommelier. My visa to the US was rejected (I’m from Mexico), and the universities that have partnerships with mine aren’t in California. As I wanted to collect oral histories, this is a major issue.

My friend suggested that I change my topic to viticulture in New Zealand but I have to change completely the approach, and I have very little knowledge of NZ history. I don’t have a supervisor yet. Some professors have told me that I should focus on Mexico, but almost everyone here does regional history and I’d like to change that, as well as taking an extra challenge of having a bilingual thesis.

So, what do you think? I have to take this decision this semester to avoid getting stuck with bureaucracy for a long time. I’m eager to read your opinions!

I find myself in an unfortunate two-body problem situation. My fiancée got two offers earlier this year, one a post doc and the other a tenure track position. She deferred the tenure track for a year and is currently halfway through her post doc. The university she got the tenure track position from was happy to do this for her so she could broaden her teaching and research skills.

I am a PhD student who is finishing up in May, but I find myself not having many good options for employment. The area in which she got the tenure track position is very small and there are not many options for people with a math PhD outside of working for one of the universities. Obviously I knew this already. However, none of them are hiring for this coming year.

The two body problem is a classic problem and it’s not one that is easily remedied. I’d really hate to be a lecturer because that’s a really rough lifestyle and I have a lot of research I want to do. I have at least three or four papers lined up for the next year or so in addition to one I have published, two that I have submitted, and another I’m submitting in the next week or two. I’m starting to feel a lot of dread about this. What should I do (or even my fiancée do) to get an academic position for the fall (ideally in the area she will be in)?

I am a first year undergraduate student studying natural sciences at highly reputed university, and am pretty sure that in the future I would like to pursue studies in philosophical theoretical physics and mathematics, and philosophy of artificial intelligence, perhaps also dabbling in philosophy of mind. I wanted to explore this during the summer, however there aren’t really any philosophy summer programs for undergraduates. I would be very interested to hear any suggestions that anyone has. I have come across the Summer School for Mathematical Philosophy for female students at the University of Munich, for example. However, it is only a one week long course and I have a 3 month long summer vacation!

I was wondering if there are any other options? Perhaps I could email a professor at another university and I could spend the summer there? The problem is, I don’t really know what this could entail, so I am not quite sure what to put in an email. If I were to spend, for example, 6 weeks in a department, what could I hope to achieve? Is it common for a humanities student to write a short paper during the summer while working under a department? I would rather not spend the summer at my university — I think it would be good for me to spend some time in a different environment as well.

I am a graduate student in education who recently had a child. I have devised a few plans/topics that would work for my thesis but I keep revisiting them because they require a lot of data collection in the field, something I am not sure I will be able to achieve with a young baby at home and no babysitter/daycare for now.

So here I am, trying to come up with various data collection methods that could work without having to be in the field:

  • Giving directions to a research assistant and paying them to do it
    for me
  • Interviews through Skype
  • Surveys
  • Self-reports
  • Document analysis

What would be other viable options that I haven’t listed?

I am an PhD student and last year I was hired as a research assistant on a project. I put together a project on my own: literature review, methodology, made a dataset, analysis and interpretation of results. I would like your opinion on whether or not I have been shafted.

I signed a contract at the time, which included the following:

“Terms: All work produced for the Employer by the Employee under this agreement is subject to the Copyright and Related Rights Act 2000, Under this act all such work is to be defined as a work of art, The right to copyright and intellectual property of the work is to be the shared property of the Employer and the Employee, The Employer solely reserves the moral rights of the work

Compensation: The Employee shall be paid on a wage rate as follows: €33.00 per hour: The Employee shall receive payment in full upon completion of the work on 31 st January 2016″

*to note, the employer is not in academia, and has a regular job.

The employer made some small suggestions to my draft (changing the wording and spelling). I completed the project and received my fee. In my project, I put myself as lead author, and the employer as the second coauthor (something never debated in the revision stage). From my discussions with the employer at the start of my employment and the end, my project would remain at the state it was and any changes would be graphical and design related as it gets ready for the employer to be self published.

The employer told me they would keep me updated on the project, but they never did. I googled it recently, and found that my project had been incorporated into a larger project with 7 new research helpers, a new title, 3 more chapters and my project had been changed. There was a launch event where copies where sold, it was uploaded to academia.edu and discussed on online media outlets.

I am not a coauthor on the publication, the employer is the sole author. I am acknowledged: in the second page on the publication “Thanks to: person1, person2, person3, me,…., person8 for research, advice and input”, in the introduction as the conducter of an economic report which makes chapter 4, and at the beginning of the chapter under the title “with assistance from [my name]”

My original regression and descriptions tables are intact, some of my original wording is intact and the majority is reworded (in a way that I disagree with, overly simplified in my statistical opinion). The core of my analysis remains though and the results.

I feel shafted that my work was used to form a larger piece without my consent. Given that my work was the data analysis, it forms the most important part of the report, I feel I am justified in a co authorship (the second author in the reference). Furthermore, I feel my literature review etc was used as the basis of the formation of the new chapters, as the publication extended from my original workings. On the other hand, I also feel annoyed that my name is put to something where the content was changed without my reviewing.

Can anything be done? Have I been shafted in a legal sense? Did I naively sign my rights away in a contract? Or, I am taking this too seriously and should forget about it?