I finished my master’s degree in September, and I have applied to PhD programs that begin in September 2017. Most of the schools asked for a CV with the application. I’ve had to take a part-time job in retail to make ends meet while looking for a better job, and I included the retail job on my CV under the employment section. My CV, of course, highlights my more relevant positions (teaching/research assistantships), along with my conferences, awards, etc. But I’m concerned that I may have made a mistake in including the retail job at all – I only felt compelled to do so because I wanted to be honest about my current employment.

Will including the retail job on my CV possibly be seen negatively by PhD admissions committees? I am hoping that it is a non-issue, but I am not sure.

Edit: I realize similar questions have been asked but I don’t think my question is a duplicate of the one that was suggested. I’m asking about whether it was a good idea to include current employment, not hobbies and interests.

Currently I’m writing my master’s thesis about the detection of Android Malware. It’s being written in French. Like you would expect, there are a lot of concepts (e.g., about Android and security) that are in English. The translation in French is not clear and is not known either. How do I write those terms ? Should I write them in italic?

In addition, I would like the reader to be able to distinguish between a variable name, a file name, a class name, etc. just by looking at how the word is typeset. Can I use different typefaces for each element?

I have finished my MA (Contemporary History) and I’m currently a PhD Student (Cold War History) in the University of Athens (Greece).

I would like to go out of the country and the only option I see is go as a visiting researcher. My BA grades are 6.7/10 and MA 9.8/10. Bad BA but great improvement in the MA.

So I’d like to ask if I have any chance to become a visiting researcher in a good USA University, as I need to improve some skills and meet top scholars abroad.

Currently I’m writing my master thesis about “detection of Android Malware”. For that purpose, I’m using Lyx. It will be written in French. Like you would expect, there are a lot of concepts (about Android and security) that are in English. The translation in French is not clear and is not known either. How do I write those terms ? (Maybe in Italic.)

Knowing that it’s a computer science subject (referencing variable names, lots of acronyms …), How do I switch between using the normal font (with serif), console font, font without serif, bold font …etc. ?

The thing is, I want the reader to distinguish between a variable name, a file name, a class name …etc. by only looking how the word is written.

Thank you in advance

I checked several answers online to this question, but they are all extremely vague. If my understanding is correct, both a research paper and a Master’s thesis require to have original contribution to the field, but in what precise ways are they different? More clearly, since they both seem to be very similar documents and contain original research and contributions to the field, why do they differ in the following points:

  1. Usually, you can’t publish a Master’s thesis to a scientific journal?
  2. Why does a Master’s thesis earn you a Master’s degree and not a Phd, even though you have contributed something to the field?

Background – I am doing my PhD in atmospheric physics/photobiology.

Here is a scenario:

  • The experiments are complete – the results are far better than expected
  • Successfully got the computer program to work properly and have developed another
  • Papers are published
  • Much of the thesis is drafted

The light at the end of the tunnel is most definitely no longer an oncoming train.

But, at this stage, you just don’t feel like working on the thesis, you do other things like cleaning, reading, watching movies – procrastination gets worse, and worse despite the submission deadline coming closer.

The procrastination resulting in more apathy towards the project, despite being fully aware of how much work has been put into the project, how much has been achieved and how little, comparatively, needs to be done.

What strategies are there to overcome this academic-apathy, particularly in this late stage of the thesis?

I’m strongly interested in a terminal MA in Sociology (because I am currently not willing to commit to the length of a US PhD program) and know that I want to work in research for social policy. I’m mainly looking at one-year programs in Europe (due to lower cost, larger quantity of good terminal programs).

Applications for funding deadlines are coming up in January. I have only recently been reaching out to my letter writers, and I haven’t yet finished my writing samples, SOPs, or CV to send to them, so many of my letter writers do not have very much to work with since only one knows me well. I also missed every deadline for grants to study abroad, like the Fulbright scholarships. So I potentially will have weak letters of recommendation and few funding opportunities.

My question is how wise it might be to put off my applications for a year to instead try to work at a public policy research institute, then get together much stronger applications for funding next year with letter writers who might be more familiar with me and my interests.

I am trying to use ipopt to solve non-convex optimization problems.
Available at https://projects.coin-or.org/Ipopt
But I got some problems when I run example hs071 provided by ipopt.

Tried to obtain Pardiso from shared library "libpardiso.so", but the following error occured:
/work/Ipopt/lib/libpardiso.so: undefined symbol: GOMP_loop_dynamic_next**strong text**

I suspect that I have some library missed, because it is compiled by the author of Pardiso.But I don’t know how to fix this error.

And I also try to use MUMPS instead. I download MUMPS source codes, and put then into $IPOPTDIR/ThirdParty/MUMPS/Mumps directory. I do this according to the instruction at
But I got an exception

Exception of type: OPTION_INVALID in file "IpAlgBuilder.cpp" at line 423:
 Exception message: Selected linear solver MUMPS not available.