We’re organizing a seminar series, where in collaboration with the lecturers (some talking long-distance via video and shared desktop), we would also like to make the streams available on-line.

Which software/online environment would you recommend to use in this case? Do you have any recommendations on how to best organize it? We are not technically picky, and if, for example, youtube would be the best option for it, we wouldn’t mind.

We are thinking that it would perhaps be best to be able to include a counter for how many people are watching, but just in case limit the verbal interaction of the online viewers (maybe organize that as comments).


Here’s a screenshot of the solution/explanation in my book, but I don’t get it!:

1) How do you read “p(i) = cλi/i!” ? What do the symbols mean?

2) How did they derive the 2nd equation (infinity, i goes to zero, the summation of p(i) = 1)

3) In the 3rd equation, why did they isolate ‘c’ outside the summation?

4) in the 4th equation, why is
e^x = the summation of x^i/i!, infinity, i goes to 0? On what basis did they come to this conclusion?

5) How did they simplify and find the 5th equation (ce^λ = 1 or c = e^-λ)

6) How did they solve to find (a) & (b)? Thank you!!!!

The following is the description for the required writing samples:

“You must submit at least three papers that best represent your ability to conduct research and write effectively about your area of specialization. We encourage you to submit published work.”

I view “three papers” as three different articles (rather than three publications such as conference papers) and, say, could make choices from the below options:

a. A conference paper on which I am the first author (4 authors in total)

b. A conference paper on which I am the second author (3 authors in total)

c. My Master’s thesis which is extended from a. (pretty much the same with a. in the abstract section)

d. Final project report in the class taken during my Master.

What I am wondering is that if I can just combine all four without modification in a single pdf file (about 60 pages total), or I am supposed to extract the main idea in the articles and make it as short as possible.

Another thing is that since c. is just the extension of a., so their abstract sections are pretty much the same. Is it redundant to include both of them?