I have been working in academic career in several years. I have noticed that almost all professors spend most of their time to write proposals?

And to my surprise, they are not working on research papers. This is reflected by the fact that the number of technical papers with first author as a senior professor is decreased quite dramatically.

My question is, therefore, is there any hidden (but valid) reason for this?

I am a new instructor teaching a large class of about 80 students. In a recent test (which I set to be an easy one), the class average is around 88 and a lot students (about 30%) got full marks but the minimum score is 15. I am trying to grade in the most fair way possible but having hard trouble doing it since I can not bump up the score for the ones who fared poorly, the highest score being the total score and the median being around 90.

I am currently an international senior undergraduate physics student, with a 3.41 GPA and no research experience.

I want to apply for PhD program in USA, and I am confused when it is best to apply;
1) before finishing my bachelors degree.
2) waiting to finish it and get engaged in research during my senior year.
3) finish my bachelors degree, get engaged in research, and do a masters degree.

I need to know: does waiting for option 2 and 3 really increase my chances in getting accepted for a PhD program in physics or biophysics? Or should I apply now and save some time?

Currently, I am writing my master thesis at a German university. My work has a lot of to do with programming. However, there are some parts I need, but it is not part of my work. For this case, my supervisor told me if I need anything I can ask him and he will do this for me (as long as it is not part of my topic).

Unfortunately, the quality of work my supervisor delivers me is very bad. Basically, I would do it by myself, however the time scheduling is quite tight, which is why I am quite thankful that he tries to support me.

How can I handle this without making him angry or upset. I am quite thankful that he “helps” me, but when I look at the quality, I am thinking that I could have just done the work myself.

I still have to work with my adviser for about half a year more.

I’m a student of a technical college. My MSc. final project supervisor liked my work, so he hired me for his company. Where I live, it’s actually quite common (my bachelor thesis professor also hired me for a part time job, but that was after I’ve finished my bachelor’s degree).

The thing is, that the research I’ll be doing for the thesis is closely related to my work in the company: basically what I do in the company is just application of the research I do for my thesis. Is it ethically acceptable to claim hours I’ve spent on doing the research and experiments for my thesis and get paid for the time spent this way?

I think my supervisor is okay with that and he would pay me without blinking an eye, but how about the university? Is it ethical? And if not, where do I draw the line between my paid job and my thesis work if they are so closely related?

Please can you help me download all this F1 data and get it into a .CSV file for analysis: http://ergast.com/mrd/db/

I have tried a scraping code in R but just cannot seem to get any worthwhile information (its just all jumbled etc.).



raw.data <- readLines(url, warn=”F”)
rd <- fromJSON(raw.data)

But I get the error “unexpected character <” in the last line.

I would love to have the whole dataset but I have no experience with SQL. I have tried downloading SQL and using an online conversion tool but it says I am missing a SELECT statement.

Thank you for any help!

What are advantages and drawbacks of starting a computer science PhD funded both by the university and a company, compared to a PhD fully funded by the university?

I can provide more details about the context pointing out some hypotheses that I have done so far.

A company:

  • will provide proprietary data;
  • will stimulate about solutions for current issues;
  • will impose constraints on PhD topic (it could be slightly modified, but no more);
  • will impose some constraints about publications, e.g. they would delay publications until new outcomes are started in the company production line.

On the other hand, without a company:

  • no proprietary data;
  • less stimulating scenario compared to issues coming from a real scenario (?);
  • free management of PhD topic (you could modify significantly during the 3-year research);
  • no problem about publications;
  • more “theoretical” research.

I will appreciate any experiences, especially computer science area.