So I’m new to college and web design and the teacher started us off with a simple assignment the J shop prop. Along the way it told us to input a CSS script to give the website “<script src=”modernizr-1.5.js”> <link href=”basicstyles.css” rel=”stylesheet” type=”text.css”/>” and when I open the page on my broswers it shows it as a plain site. Did I miss something?

Also if it helps I did find the book we’re studying as a free pdf so I’m not sure if it has anything to do with it.


When I had joined the program last year, I was assigned an advisor who was the one I’d wanted to work with. However, due to things not working out (because she thinks I lack the background), I have had to start looking for a new one, and that’s what I was working on all summer. I’m still in the process of finding someone by working on small projects with some faculty (in order to show them I can do the kind of research they do). This kind of puts me a bit behind my cohort. In my department, most PhD students have an advisor within two quarters. While a lot of other students I spoke with told me that it is perfectly normal to be finding an advisor a bit later than year 1, I’m very much embarrassed about being at this stage.

So anyway, my department’s academic advisor just sent out an email saying she needed someone to take up the role of President of the grad student organization of the department, and I really want to go for it. In the past, I’ve enjoyed working with people and organizing stuff; I really enjoy talking to people and putting forward people’s problems and finding solutions to them, especially the seemingly small ones that actually do make a difference.

My question is, would faculty members consider it strange on my part if I ended up as President when I don’t even have an advisor and a research project going for me? I mean, would it look like I don’t have my priorities set straight? I wouldn’t want to do it if there’s even the slightest chance of it creating a bad impression.

Typically, well-prepared undergrad math students have summer REU advisors, masters and PhD students have thesis advisors.

What do new math PhDs – postdoctoral researchers have at the university they land at? Do they also have a research advisor, or are they pretty much on their own, while they teach classes, publish papers and apply to tenure-track positions, before their post-doc contract expires?

Graduated last year with a 2.73 gpa ,double major B.S Ecology and Evolution and B.S Environmental Studies. I want to go to grad school at the University of Bonn, to study Organismic Biology, Evolutionary Biology and Paleaobiology. I am worried that my undergrad gpa is too low, does anyone have knowledge of how difficult it is to get into German graduate schools for biology?

I currently have a GPA of 3.89 at community college after 45 credits, but retook a calc 2 class that I got a D an obtained an A. Not only that I graduated high school early with a regular high school diploma , but then went to israel for engineering an at the university, I passed all my classes with a 2.0 cumulative GPA cause I had a lot of personal issues an the Teachers didnt know English well even though the program was meant to be comptely English. I then retook all the classes at the community college an got that 3.89 GPA. What are my chances of transferring into a top 25 electrical engineering school, an if so how can I improve my chances? My Act score was 31 an high school GPA was 3.7.

I am in a somewhat difficult situation, and I am not sure if this is the right site to ask this; feel free to close this question if not.

Here it goes:
There is a refugee from Syria who has been studying Computer Science in Syria before he fled. He was 2 months away from graduating.
I am currently helping him to get back to his studies (in Germany). To avoid that he has to start all over again, I need a translation of his official University course descriptions from Arabic to German or English.

I have tried two normal translators, who where quite expensive. The results they produced were of very poor quality, since a lot of technical terms are used in these descriptions. I study computer science myself and am thus able to judge the quality of the translation. I am often not able to tell what they mean. I am pretty sure that this is due to the lack of knowledge of technical terms of the translator, not because of the document itself. They try to translate the terms, but it is not clear what they mean. For example “programming paradigms” was translated to “kinds of different types of programming languages”, and that is one of the few I was able to guess what was actually meant. With this quality it is very unlikely that he won’t have to start from the beginning again.

So how or where can I get a decent ( = so other people at least somewhat knowledgeable in the field understand without too much thought) translation of computer science technical terms from arabic for an application to university?

I’m in an online part-time graduate program at a well-established state university in the U.S.. I’m having a hard time getting responses from professors when it comes to asking about potential research topics for a final project that is required for my degree and asking for them to be my advisor. I imagine it’s a mix of things causing this:

  1. My e-mail messages might be too long. Although they are direct, I haven’t met these people before, and I usually give them a 2-3 paragraph message introducing myself and the goal. No more than this.
  2. I’m in a M.S. online program. I’m not a Ph.D. student who is on-site, and thus cannot contribute more to whatever research they are doing as much as I could.

I’ve read advice online and haven’t found anything about this particular situation.

How do people go about finding an advisor if they’re in an online program? What can I do to maximize the chances of having a professor at least respond to an e-mail I send?

If this question is too broad, I can delete it.

Currently it is my job to schedule (Date+Time) my PhD defense which shall take place in approx. 2 months from now. Hence, I have to ask all committee members about their availability. How should I approach this task:

  1. Using a tool like doodle. I worry that this is too “modern” for some committee members.
  2. Proposing some dates and hoping that all members will accept one or more dates?
  3. Asking for their availability and trying to find an intersection set. But what if there is no intersecton set with respect to their time?

Any help is appreciated

I’m entering my third year of undergrad in the US, so I will apply to CS PhD programs in December 2017. I’m the second author on a paper that was recently accepted as a poster to one of the two top conferences in my field. However, the conference is the week before final exams. Is it worth it for me to go? I’d have to start applying for travel grants fairly soon.

I’m planning to submit a first author paper soon to the other top conference in the field, which I should actually be able to attend as it’s over the summer. I also hope to attend another one in February.

On one hand, basically anyone who’s anyone in this field will be at this conference, and maybe I could meet potential advisors, etc. It’s also in a pretty cool location which I’d like to visit at some point anyway. I’ll spend around a day each way just in transit.

On the other hand, it will make the end of my term quite stressful and probably negatively affect my academics.


i am a post-doc fellow at one of the top universities but since its been a bout 5 months that i have started my position so i have not any paper published at this level and the only that i have got up to now is my former publications. also i have to add that because of some reasons i don’t have any teaching experience at all. on the other hand i want to look for a more permanent academic job like assistant professorship but i believe that with my resume i hardly can find any. so i would be glad if you let me know what kind of academic job i can apply for to be able to move to assistant professor after that. Also i don’t have any information of kinds of assistant professorships around the world. thank you.