I have just reviewed for a journal that allows me to transfer my information to Publons. It seems Publons is a relatively new thing with limited uptake. It also seems like the type of thing that would be better suited to be managed by a non-profit in a free (at least as in freedom and possibly as in beer) sense.

Is there a free competitor to Publons? If not, what data should I be keeping regarding my reviews such that if at a later date I wish to upload them to Publons, or a competitor, I can?

Our paper is rejected, but we are invited to submit a poster. We are given two options:

  • Poster with 2 pages proceeding.
  • Poster without a proceeding.

Another option is, of course, not submitting at all.

We still want to submit the full paper. What is potential risk of submitting a poster, with or without proceeding? All the conferences we want to target adopts double-blinded review.

I’m in software engineering.

The deadline of math PhD programs I’m applying for is approaching and passing, but I guess asking this question isn’t too late. I’m interested in both pure math and machine learning, and I chose to apply to math PhD exclusively due to my background. However, recently I’ve been into developing an algorithm related to proof verification and others for application to mathematics using the state-of-the-art deep learning techniques. I’m certain most or all professors in math department I’m applying to (or anywhere else) aren’t working in such an approach, since that’s more of a job of professors in CS department. Though the answer may be case-by-case, is this kind of topic appropriate for my PhD thesis? I understand that I can have a co-adviser from CS dept., but is this topic likely to get accepted from math department? If so, by any chance if my interest totally shifts to machine learning proper and has nothing to do with mathematics at the late stage of my PhD, do I still have to work on something related to math in this sense? (I assume the answer is Yes.)

I did college degree abroad. I was stupidest person in class and teachers felt sorry for me they made me pass!
I cam to England to do a course/ My father did not allow me to do a degree in sports because he thought i will be poor. So i ended up doing uni course in computers. I asked uni and told them I hate the course they said I have to start year one and my father said he wont pay feels year one in sports. He asked me to start another course in design or anything. But I was new and did not know how to start over. I feel so stupid so i just did two years and passed. I actually failed but my tutor said work on theory part and you will be able to pass. So i did this. I had some mental problems now I am much better. I hate my uni degree can I ask uni to take my qualification back or something. I hate it.

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I am a Full-Time research scholar in finance about to submit my thesis in a month or two.

After this is it good to go for post-doc or as a lecturer in finance?

If I apply for lecturer will colleges entertain it as I am a fresher?

And one more doubt I got is, Am I eligible to apply for Post-doc position after submitting my thesis? or should I wait until the completion of Vivo-voce and/or graduation? Because its time-consuming process to receive Vivo-voce.

Kindly give your valuable suggestions

I used to work in academia. I was lucky enough to publish important papers in peer reviewed journals that now regularly get cited by other papers in peer reviewed journals. I have left academia to work in the private sector, so every time I get a notification that my work has been cited elsewhere in a non open access journal, I can’t even see how it was used. I should be able to ensure my work isn’t mis-quoted or wrongly interpreted, but I can’t without paying extensive fees for each and every article…

Is sci-hub my only non-option because I refuse to use illegal means?