I am a student currently studying Physics and I want to also study Applied Mathematics and Astronomy (That’s the order of preference also), but I am not so sure if I should do so. I know I can do well and have been up to this moment (I’m on my 3rd year, doing 5 total and have an 3.9+ GPA) but I have read numerous times that it is not a good idea. I am also doing research, which I know may be the most important component in my grad school application. I want to go to graduate school and my main interests are Quantum Field Theory, Condensate Matter and High Energy Physics. Also, with the Applied Math major you are required to choose a minor, in this case Computer Science. I have also seen really interesting classes that I would like to take like Linguistics, Other languages and Philosophy but with the triple major I will not be able to. I was thinking maybe just instead of doing the third major in Astronomy do a minor or just do a different minor (Linguistics, which I like a lot). I really do not know what to do.

Alice and Bob have co-authored a paper together. The contribution (data collection, analysis, writing) was 100% Alice and 0% Bob, except that the original idea was initiated during a conversation between Alice and Bob. Bob acknowledged several times in private that he did not contribute to the project, but he claimed co-authorship for the idea and Alice did not object to that. Alice spent almost an entire year working on the project. Bob spent less than a couple of hours in total. A manuscript with both names has already been circulated, submitted and rejected from one journal.

Bob is now trying to block the publication of the paper due to a personal conflict with Alice. In the meantime, Bob became envious of Alice’s early successes and decided to do everything to slow down her career, even at the expense of his own publication record. Bob is already tenured and has no pressure to publish. Alice, by contrast, needs more publications for her forthcoming tenure review. Of course, Bob never explicitly refused to submit the paper. But instead of sending it to a prestigious outlet (where the paper would have a good shot) he insists that they send the manuscript to a non peer-reviewed and unknown journal, which would not help Alice’s tenure case. Of course he makes no effort in trying to find an agreement, as he would be happy not to submit the paper at all. Clearly, his decisions are driven by spite and malevolence only and he takes great care into not writing anything incriminating for him.

Is there anything that Alice can do in that situation? Does she have to resign herself to never publishing the paper? What are the risks for her if she removes Bob’s name without his agreement and submits the manuscript on her own?

PS: as a response to Captain Emacs’ comment, Bob’s only contribution was to say “why don’t we study the causal effect of X on Y?” in an informal conversation. Alice did absolutely all the rest (literature review, design of the protocol, data collection, analysis, conference presentations, etc.). But there is no evidence of this, other than the fact that Bob would be unable to answer any question that goes into the detail of the paper.

I am writing about an innovation camp, which private individuals took part to. During this camp, they developed systems. I have analyzed these systems in my study, and thus want to credit their author in my publication.

Can I write following sentence in my paper?

In this paper, we studied projects Fourtytwo conducted by John Doe and Erika Mustermann, and HolyGrail by Ann Onym and M. Icks.

My question focus on citing the name of John Doe, Erika Mustermann, etc. – that are private individuals – without their authorization.

I will to use the name given in the end-of-the-camp PDF report that is freely available on the web – what speaks in favour of yes. However, they are not public personalities (as politicians, etc.) nor explicitely revealed their names (as paper authors) – what leads me to this question.

I have been given a great opportunity to work as a research assistant. I will be working under this researcher (and her team) for about 5 months. I was only suppose to start in mid-January. But she said she would like to hire me as a research assistant for the next few weeks (full-time). She said she will be paying me (and the rate /hr is surprisingly high). Come mid-January (when I was suppose to start) I will not be allowed to be payed for my work (school rules).

Anyways, this work can be done anywhere (I do not need to be in a specific location to do it). Thus, she told me to track all of my hours and then send her a bill in January. I guess, sort of like what contractors do. I have never had a paid job before, let alone a research position. I am wondering, is this usual?

I could potentially earn 2 000 dollars over the next couple weeks. However, I feel like this is too much money. I feel as though I should understate the hours I worked. However, at the same time if I did that she would know I didn’t work “full-time”. This is all new to me so it would be great if someone with experience can make sense of this for me.

I need to write a critical essay on a book that I have never read. The Foundation Trilogy by Isaac Asimov is a science fiction book that is why I leave my question here. Where can I get help with essay writing? I tried to look for online essays on this book, but then I thought that this would be copy pasted information, not original work. Can you share your feedback on any writing services? I think I need to order paper there.Thank you for any feedback!