Okay so I am a Computer Science student Today was our Programming Fundamentals paper basically I am very good in Programming so I finished my paper early and was so happy after leaving the exam class I was going suddenly I heard a voice It was my friend I thought he gave his paper as well but no he came out of the hall for a bathroom break there was another guy with him who was there to ensure that my friend would not cheat but he allowed me to tell him some answer very quickly so we were standing outside the washroom And i was telling him answer to one pf the questions suddenly the bathroom door opened and it was one of the lab engineer’s of our college he heard us over so he took us to the invigilator ho noted our registrations and names Now I am asking you Am I guilty here? And If Yes How Can I Avoid this Because I learned my lesson and now I am scared what if My Paper got cancelled or worse.

I am a PhD student and since I am busy with my current projects, I have no time to implement a C3 project for my paper.Also, I was looking for an intermediate C# programmer as a student job in my university ( Potsdam ). But, I could not find any one! So, I was wondering if you can tell me how could I find somebody to implement a C# program for me and be invested in participating and publishing a paper? is there any forum website or any solution in this situation?


I’m finishing soon my thesis and I’ve researched a lot in this technological area, basically I want to say I have these n methods that all didn’t work out, that’s why I’ve decided to pursue this final method. However I’m lacking time for extensively testing all these misleading alternatives, thus I could only state that I barley had empirically tested these theses (which is a bad style to write down in my opinion). Since part of the thesis is given a presentation of it, I could imagine to mention all the dead-ends I went in before and describing its difficulties that occurred. But then again I’m not sure if its alright to handle additional data in the presentation, that the document never covered.

Hence, would it be acceptable to present the methods I didn’t dare to write down (because of the missing tests) as some kind of introduction to my final choice, or is it a total no-go?

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If I am in class and I don’t feel like doing a boring, uninteresting, optional exercise which won’t benefit me in any way, how should I deal with an insecure instructor attempting to force me to do it?

If I pull out my laptop or phone and start watching some harmless, audioless videos, that cannot possibly bother anyone. I feel the instructor should spend time helping and overseeing those students actually doing the exercise, and not waste their time on the smart student that doesn’t necessarily need to do some cute little exercise in order to understand a simple concept.

Should I leave the class? Do I have a right to stay? For example, at some point during this (for me) useless exercise, the instructor might happen to say something of value that I might have an interest in hearing, so do I not have a right to stay in case that did happen? If so, how should I respond when my instructor tells me that she is bothered by my innocent act and wants me to leave class, an idea which she sadly got from some internet people?

Good day.

I’m currently a PhD student in computer science. I was married and have a daughter with my former wife. There is a probability that our daughter
will live with me. Could you please tell me is it possible to be successful in academia and to grow up a child alone? By “to be successful in academia” I mean eventually to receive a professor position. Would it be enough to have 9 hours per day for work or I would need more? Could you please share your experience.

Additional details: my university has a kindergarten and I live in Germany. My concerns are more about is it enough to have 9 working hours per day for righting PhD theses.

Thank you.

I am a 5/6 and 7/8 split French teacher with students ranging from anglophone, all the way to francophone.

I am having difficulty finding ways to make lessons that will include the whole class, and I feel like I’m either way above the level, or way below the level of half of my class.

Does anyone have any techniques that may be of use to me? All suggestions are very appreciated!

Background (skip this if you want): I’ll obtain my master’s degree in about June/2018 or so (if everything goes smoothly), and I intend to pursue a phd in the US. Thing is, I’m from a country in the south hemisphere and the academic term here is different than in the north hemisphere, and so I’m a bit paranoid with deadlines for graduate applications. Looking around at questions such as here and here, and around in some universities’ sites, I understood that graduate applications are usually open from October through December, and the academic term would start around September.

Question: is there any reason why someone would want to take the GRE in April, other than if he or she were actually retaking the test trying to get a better score? I know that they keep the scores for five years. The bottom line is: I’m unsure whether I should take the GRE in April or in September. April seems too soon, the fee is expensive and I’d like to do it only once, preferably being well-prepared. I’m sorry if I’m missing something obvious or common sense, but I’d rather ask than remain ignorant. Thanks!