I have been offered admission in one of the top Canadian University. After admission I have sent them my transcripts from India. This transcripts were supposed to reach by 23 May but I have no acknowledgement from their side. Should I ask for the acknowledgement from them?

Another important issue, although, in Letter of Acceptance they have specifically mentioned “Accepted” but they have also added the condition of receiving transcripts. Will this be an issue for obtaining study permit?

I am a Molecular biology post graduate from India. I enquire about PhD vacancy to various potential principal investigators (PhD supervisors) by sending my CV and cover letter. When I receive a rejection mail like mentioned below, how do I respond to the scientist? I would like to have good rapport with the lab as I aspire to join the lab later. Or should I ask any questions?

Examples of rejection e-mail:

Thank you for your interest in joining our lab. Unfortunately, I’m not looking for a phd student. Good luck

I am sorry but the lab is full

Romantically, sexually, etc. Do STEM professors suffer from being suppressed and aren’t able to express themselves, for the sake of maintaining their brand as a ‘top scientist’ or a ‘top mathematician’?

As a comparison, it seems as though researchers and professors at business schools are very much able to express themselves and display fully their personalities.

After a bachelor’s and the master’s degree I decided to do the PhD and now I’m a first year CS PhD student in a very good University in Europe. However, I’m not living a good period of my life since I’m not finding motivation in this path, both for personal and work issues. I’d like to work in another country and find a good company where I can code that it’s what I really love in this field.

However, I wouldn’t like to do the task of a programmer where usually someone above you asks to develop a particular software for a client. Instead, I’d like to implement software that could be used inside the company by using personal or technical paper’s ideas. It looks like this kind of work is more suitable for people who already have a PhD or who have experience with research.

With this two premises I would like to ask a couple of questions.

  1. Is the interruption of a PhD a disadvantage for the applicant?
  2. Is it possible to find a research work without a PhD?

I have structured my Phd thesis as several chapters. First few chapters addresses the basics and functional aspects of the subject area and then i have 3 different chapters addressing three research questions with their own individual introduction, methodology and conclusion. My question is if i can follow my above structure or its better to sum up and have only one introduction and conclusion sections for my whole thesis.

Many Thanks for your time!

Please answer these specific and non-vague queries:-

1.) What should be the first few questions that I should ask to make sure everything goes down smoothly without much trouble for any party?

For eg.

“How long will this project last?”
“What is the scope of the problem?”

2.) Since I probably wont be having a work contract, what kind of questions should I be asking and precautions should I be taking to ensure that I’m sufficiently protected against any future problems?

3.) So that’s about it, please tell me anything else I’m missing relating to the above or if should be inquiring about?

4.) Any risks I’m taking in doing this?

I’m a first year international grad student so my off campus options are severely limited (none).

Please help me. I can not tell psychologists about this because they are not mathematicians (They will not understand me)

Sometimes I don’t read about mathematics for a couple of months, I do not think anything about my research and then I feel like I forget everything when I go back to research.

For example, I was working on a very important problem in March, and then I stopped doing mathematics so far. I want to go back to my research now, but I feel myself as weak, exhausted, lost my math skills and charlatan. Fear of failure, fear of losing everything, makes me crazy.

what can I do?

When I start researching again I have to learn math from scratch because I feel I have forgotten everything. It’s disgusting because it makes me feel bad.

Please give advice =)


I got my Ph.D. from the Faculty of Computers and Information Technology, Cairo University in 2007. I want to know if it is possible to compensate or to accredit my Ph.D. from USA. If it is possible, I want to know the steps for that. Advise and tell me if there is any program in USA for a Ph.D. holder to improve and add on to his career.