I have a paper uploaded to arXiv which has a really high view count for papers in my field, I know this is the case because it is also published on Researchgate and I still have about 5-10 reads per week after a year of publishing it.

When it was published, there were a lot of buzz around the paper and we received positive feedback. I don’t have the initial estimate but it could be as high as hundreds of reads.

However, I still have not received a citation on the arXiv paper, and it has been almost a year. I do intend to make modification to the paper later next year based on some new findings, and in the process this would clear up some of the “minor” problems in the original paper, including grammar mistakes.

What could be the reason? Could it be that I uploaded it under the wrong category? My research interest is broad and so is the targeted audience, which may have caused this. I don’t know if it is possible for me to pick a new category.

Is it because of the issues within the paper? I can only know after I have revised the paper, but I suspect this may be one of the issues.

Or is it because it is simply on Arxiv?

Whatever the reason, has anyone else experienced this and was there an resolution (e.g., what did you do that caused other people to cite your work)?

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