Shorter version:
I wish to be in academia in the long term. Which is better – do a part time PhD from Rotterdam/Erasmus now(2018 Sept intake) OR publish few papers( I know this is not easy) and apply for 2019 intake at the top schools(I have a GMAT score of 730+).
Also, is it possible to come up with a research topic and write the proposal in ~45 days or am I being unreasonable in my expectation?
Any advice or tips will be appreciated.

Longer version:
I’m considering a part time PhD at Rotterdam School of Management at Erasmus University, the only part time program that will work given my constraints(More on this below). I found out about the program only in the last week of December and deadline to apply is March 1 2018. The application requirements need me to give Toefl and also submit a research proposal. While I have a fair idea of the field/topic I want to research in, I’m not sure if it is the right choice of topic(How can one ever be sure of their choice?).

Some background info about me:
I’m a 31 year old woman, from India, with an engineering degree from a top 10 institute and an MBA in marketing from a top 5 institute(within India). I have worked for the corporate sector for 5 years and I have recently joined a management institute as faculty. I’m able to find about 2 hrs a day during my work hours to do my research. I cannot stay out of India more than 2 weeks at once till end of 2019 due to some family commitments.

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