I think that my findings are great in all senses since I started, and that was 2000.
I solved The Sorites Paradox back then, first go.
A bad ‘sports person’, basically, like a bad academic, threatened my life after realizing his research results were wrong to the bone, about 30 years of research.
I never found a way of recovering since then in terms of being reintegrated to the mainstream.
I don’t know what else to do: findings are spectacular, books are useful, but nothing has been working.
I have a huge Linkedin network only for academics, but they seem to all attack me somehow, like whoever does not help is attacking, in my humblest.
I did nothing wrong. I was simply brilliant all the way through.
I suffer atrocities never imagined possible before since end of 2001 because of an admin from VUT, a woman.
No authority on earth will ever do what they should and the press knows and does not publish. Only a banner held by witnesses and containing their witness’ note can save me: life show, real-time transmission.
Nobody wants to do that for some reason.
Please have mercy on me and help.
Six PhDs: four in record time without formal title, VC for research told me to call them all PhD by research, those ‘research experiences’, and two with formal title, IICSE.
One Master’s: Philosophy, IICSE.
One teaching degree: Licentiate in Mathematics
One accreditation to teach secondary, Maths: SA, AU
Plenty of experience in private tuition, more than 20 years
Some experience in schools and universities
Plenty of excellent endorsements on Linkedin, good ranking on Research Gate and Academia.edu, some excellent words about me on Tutor Finder, etc.
I write blogs with Blogger, unpaid work.
I have excellent research projects, extremely meaningful, some can be seen on Research Gate
Tried my Linkedin and not even one collaborator for a postdoc application after I found some funds online that I could apply for, USA, only God knows why.
Listed with IBC and Who’s Who Marquis
Specializations due to research results: paradoxes of language, logic, especially Classical, Real Analysis, Common Mathematical Fallacies, Small Worlds, and a few others
Pretty happy lecturing Real Analysis, Calculus I, Foundations, Logic, Introduction to Graph Theory, Small Worlds, Fallacies, and paradoxes of language
Preference is the USA for me to have a chance to fight for my basic human rights. All problems of my life come from Brazil, almost all from Rio, especially the atrocities I endure for more than 14 years now in First World Democracy.
There is only God so far, all authorities know and some are even responsible, such as Judith Cook from VUT, Equity branch.
Second to the banner comes the job, in terms of things that can be done to help me have a chance.
Findings are extraordinary: solution to The Sorites (2000), shape of S-convexity (2001), new model for human networks (2002), nonisothermal film blowing, mathematical model (2002), solution to The Liar, solution to the Russell’s Paradox, solution to the Hanging Paradox, solution to The Dichotomy, etc.
Please help, for God’s sake.
My research projects go from infinitely easy, like accessible to almost everyone in Academia, regardless of their specialization, to really difficult, so that there is always something you could be helping me with or accepting that I give you papers in exchange for the postdoc. I can give you part of my salary for one year after I get the academic job if you need.
Anima Est is probably the most interesting in terms of meaning for human kind, project: At this stage, we would need at least consultants that were from Medicine and Statistics. We would then perform laboratory experimentation with humans to measure energy expenditure, refine results, and further prove or disprove the existence of the human soul with basis on that and theories about human dreams.
Accessible to academics of all areas because they all will understand and master what is involved quite easily after studying my work.
Learning Accelerators, part of Teach for Freedom, is probably the second easiest in terms of access: We would need someone from Statistics to help plan the experiment. Two groups of students, one control. At most one month of teaching would already give results. If we could get someone from Psychometrics to act as a consultant together with the Statistician, that would bring best results. We would then measure all using Psychometrics: skills before and after being subjected to the method. A book should originate from this work. Results have already been tested in practice.
There is also Mother Tongue. This is a piece of Teach for Freedom. We would be further developing the theory you see on My Mother Tongue is Helping You.

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