What are advantages and drawbacks of starting a computer science PhD funded both by the university and a company, compared to a PhD fully funded by the university?

I can provide more details about the context pointing out some hypotheses that I have done so far.

A company:

  • will provide proprietary data;
  • will stimulate about solutions for current issues;
  • will impose constraints on PhD topic (it could be slightly modified, but no more);
  • will impose some constraints about publications, e.g. they would delay publications until new outcomes are started in the company production line.

On the other hand, without a company:

  • no proprietary data;
  • less stimulating scenario compared to issues coming from a real scenario (?);
  • free management of PhD topic (you could modify significantly during the 3-year research);
  • no problem about publications;
  • more “theoretical” research.

I will appreciate any experiences, especially computer science area.

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