When we are accepted in a poster session, does it mean that we need to provide a “poster” (usually in A0 size) + an “article” which explains the topic in a separate file ? Or both poster and article are included in a single PDF file ?

And also this article must include an “abstract” like usual papers?

I ask this question because I have received a strange email from a workshop as follows :

Posters have to be formatted in LNCS-style and not exceed 1 page in
length, with a PDF draft of the proposed poster included as page 2 of
the submission (A0 size in portrait mode, W 841mm x H 1189 mm, with
all fonts embedded in the PDF file). In addition, poster titles
should always start with the phrase “Poster Abstract:”

Here is the website of the conference : http://deic.uab.cat/conferences/cbt/cbt2018/


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