I created a new account and posted a question on Math Stackexchange asking help for a specific part in an exercise from class. It was duly answered.

That question went on to gain a lot of hits and I received an email notification which I had set, of a comment left by a person who said I was stuck too. I didn’t know him as the class strength is around a hundred, but on checking on social media, he turned out to be my classmate. Now with nearly eighty hits on it, presumably from my classmates looking at this problem, should I delete it because I feel that Turnitin would end up holding me guilty for plagiarism from my own content if other students post it before me?

I did attach my files and everything including the idea which should easily enable anybody else from my very class to use it in the assignment.

So is it wise for me to delete the question now or is it too late? Is it ethical for the community at Math Stack Exchange to lose a question that garnered so much attention and I did gain my share of points. Will I lose my points as well?

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