I have interest in theoretical aspects of computer science more towards discrete math and algorithms.I am comfortable with the math part and with proving things but I am a bad coder.It’s just my second year of Computer Science studies next year I will be sitting for placements(if eligible :p). I understand how to code but the syllabus is mostly theoretical and vast in nature and get very little time to implement things.I do understand the fundamental of CS like OS,CN etc but I am not good with implementing it.

I have very little time and genuinely interested.What should and can I do?

Note:(I study from a tier 3 college in India wanting to pursue higher studies in a premier college) Here is the link of my syllabus- Don’t be surprised ! https://www.unigoa.ac.in/uploads/syllabus/119_syllabus_BEITSchemeAndSyllabusForSyllabusRevisedin200708.pdf

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