I just finished undergraduate and I am now in my first year of grad school and I am working on some real research projects now. I have one paper that I am already submitting to a peer-reviewed journal.

I uploaded a few papers written for undergraduate capstone projects and final reports to my RG. They are never going to be published but I thought they were interesting reads anyways, they were all typical secondary student research papers.

If I went back and wrote them again, I would probably change a few things here and there, there aren’t any glaring inaccuracies but none of the papers are journal quality.
I noted the fact that they were for classes in the descriptions.

I thought that was a good idea until one of them started to get more than 100 reads, now I am second guessing the decision.

Is it acceptable to have undergraduate class papers on ResearchGate?
Could it harm my career if the papers are of undergraduate quality? Or is it a good thing to show your interest in different research topics at an early stage in academia?

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