I am doing an undergraduate project on matrix analysis which mostly involves functional analysis(but not a lot of heavy machinery) but I realize I don’t really like the area very much and my work isn’t particularly non-trivial. I have an excellent and patient guide.The alternative is that I can instead read a bunch of graduate texts in analysis over the next year.
Here are the pros and cons of quitting the project I could come up with:

1. If I quit, I will be reading some graduate texts.
2. I will be reading something I like.

1. I will lose out on valuable research experience. I am concerned that the lack of it will render my applications to graduate schools in the US rather ordinary. 2. I have an excellent relationship with my guide.I am a little concerned she might be disappointed with the switch.
(I can’t work under someone else for various reasons.)
Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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