So here’s the deal. I’m gonna graduate with a physics degree at the end of next year (around December). I want to do my PhD in Europe, but I know that the academic year starts in September, and I don’t think I can finish before that.

Is it uncommon to begin work at the start of the year (February, March) rather than the usual date? Does that lower my chances of getting in to most universities? I mean, I’d have to tell them that I won’t be able to go until the next year, and that seems pretty unorthodox. Maybe there’s some people that won’t have a problem with that, but I imagine they’ll be in the minority. I’d probably lose the spot to someone that can start in August/September, wouldn’t I?

What should I do? I don’t think taking 6 months off is a good idea, and I definitely won’t have any more courses or finals by that time.

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