I am from India and I am planning to do PhD in Law from abroad specifically from U.S and U.K., I need some guidance for choosing the topic, in which field one should do their PhD. My interest is in criminal law and also in Legal history but I am also thinking to go for the Human Rights and International Law, as it could be helpful for my future.

My son is interested in classics and is thinking of going to college at a UK school, presumably Oxford or Cambridge. What’s involved in going to one of these schools for a US high school student? Do either have an office set up to bring in foreign students from the US? I’ve also been told that one does not apply to Cambridge, but to one of it’s colleges; this seems very complex. Is it worth the effort?

I’ve just moved to Canada for PhD studies at one of its best universities.
At one day during my master studies, I felt that I wanna live the international student experience and decided to go Canada which is far away from my home country at least 16 hours by flight! But before moving to Canada, I thought I must save some money so I decided to work to save money. I worked at a good and well-kwon company with very good salary and conditions, my boss really liked me.
I left the job after a year and everyone there was shocked because I was so good on it.
I have to mention that during my work there, I met my boyfriend whom I love very much!!

Despite the fact that I met my significant other, had a great job and stable, I went on my way and moved to Canada.
After only one month at Canada, I discovered thousand things!
1) It feels so bad to be away from my family and friends, although I used to live away from my family during the past 7 years.
2) I thought of going back to my home country since the first week!
3) I miss my boyfriend so badly although we talk everyday
4) I had a great job with very good salary and now I get less than half of my previous salary
5) my social life here sucks, I’m working one it but things are moving very very slow!
6) the biggest problem: I joined a small research group; only 2 PhD students and 2 master students without Post docs. The supervisor is super busy (we never booked a meeting and he showed up in time! In best case, he was late for an hour), he doesn’t show any interest in guiding me or helping me to define my PhD project, I thought he might be busy but after taking to the students; it seems that he’s always like this. Never have time and I need to chase him to talk about research and make things move forward. Even one of his master students said that if I wanna have a good PhD, I must find a co-supervisor because he’s not organized!
Besides, it seems that the supervisor does not have available projects meanwhile and he is away now for two months.

I feel like I’m floating and did the biggest mistake of my life! I’m not sure anymore that I wanna ever do PhD studies! I just think about going back home. I don’t know what to do. Should I look for job back at home, or stay or just ask the previous company to hire me back.
I’m afraid and nervous and have no one to consult!! Please help me cause I feel like I’m wasting time here while being unhappy and very far away from my beloved ones 🙁

I have been looking into applying for external postdoctoral fellowships to do research abroad. Some of these fellowships give you a lump sum of money, but some of them explicitly say that they cover salary + budgeted research expenses only. I am a bit unsure about what usually constitutes “salary” exactly.

In particular, if a fellowship allows for a salary of up to, say, $80,000, but I am offered a salary of $40,000 by my host university, can I use the fellowship to cover salary+tax in order to effectively increase my take-home salary while staying within university regulations?

Take for example this excerpt from an example application for a postdoctoral fellowship, found directly on an official fellowship website:

Example salary and benefits budget and narrative for a fictional Australian university

Currency conversion rate (xe.com, 29 April 2018): AU$1.00 = US$0.7618

Salary year 1 = AU$76,000.00
On-costs (benefits) for year 1 = AU$20,291.30
Total for year 1 = AU$96,291.30 = US$73,354.71

Salary year 2 = AU$77,520.00
On-costs for year 2 = AU$21,696.30
Total for year 2 = AU$99,216.30 = US$75,582.98

Salary year 3 = AU$79,070.40
On-costs for year 3 = AU$22,130.22
Total for year 3 = AU$101,200.62 = $77,094.63
Total salary and benefits for duration of fellowship = US$226,032.32.

At the University of Australia, a researcher straight from their PhD would start at Level
A06 (currently $71,500.00 p.a.). This is the mandated minimum level for PhD holder entry.
Level A tops out at A08 (currently $74,500 p.a.).

In consultation with the University of Australia’s research office staff, it has been
determined that I will begin my appointment at Level B01 (currently $76,000 p.a.),
because I already have 3 years of post-doctoral research experience. The salary level
increases each year to reflect the University’s policy of granting cost-of-living expenses of
2% each year.

The 27.988% on-costs are mandated by Australian federal law, and include contributions
to Australia’s social welfare and retirements systems. The 27.988% includes the following elements:
• 17% Superannuation
• 0.25% Workers Compensation
• 4.75% Payroll Tax
• 0.808% Payroll Tax on Superannuation
• 1.5% Recreation Leave Loading
• 2.4% Long Service Leave Provision
• 1.28% Parental Leave Provision

In this sample application, the salary expenses include both superannuation (which, as I understand, is normal for Australian salaries, and the usual advertised salary typically includes this) but also all other taxes including income tax.

Is this commonly done in such applications? I could not find any information about this and even this particular fellowship does not talk about it at all. Does anyone have experience applying for funding of this kind and knows how these things are usually done?

Let me try to be clear with this question to avoid responses that do not help.

I am enrolled on a fully funded PhD in the UK. I also have an industry partner for this which is actually a public body.

I would like to go to Australia for a year as my girlfriend, who is a junior doctor, will be going to work there for a year.

I was wondering if it is a known possibility that I could go out there and do some research/ or work with a relevant public body, that would be a useful addition to my current PhD research.

I have yet to speak to my supervisor about basically putting my PhD time and funding here on freeze, if i was to do this, because i first wanted to find out if i could actually do it/ arrange something out in Australia that would be useful for me academically.

The way i am looking at it, is that it could be an incredible opportunity to gain experience abroad in between completing my PhD and hopefully even work on something that could be put in my thesis without using up my time and funding in the UK. Not to mention for my subject area, Australia is the best in the world.

I hope I have been clear enough but to summarise;

  1. Possible to take a planned ‘break’ during funded PhD to go abroad for an extended period of time (doing something relavent)?
  2. Is it possible to arrange to do research/ work in a university for a year in Australia in something relevant to my field that could contribute to my PhD?

Any ideas you clever people?

I am writing this post to ask for your opinion whether you can work and at the same time study in Denmark. I am from Bulgaria and I want to take the undergraduate program in DTU (Denmark Technological University) but the only way to do so is to work and study there. I will be glad to hear your advice and all your opinions. Thank you in advance!

I am about to finish my Liberal Art and Sciences bachelors in Utrecht, the Netherlands. Though I really recommend UCU to anyone, they do not offer a great mathematics track. After completing it, I find myself lacking basic knowledge of mathematics. This is troubling as I was to study a mathematical masters (hopefully one the Logic masters in Amsterdam).
So I want to do a one-year Pre-master in Mathematics (not a full 3-year bachelor program). My question is whether anyone knows of such a program, preferably outside of the Netherlands. UU (Utrecht University) offers one, but I have lived too long in Utrecht.

I am grateful for any help.

I had gotten an internship for the fall semester. Because of complications with the issue of passport I have not been able to go to the institute. I had sent to the professor about this matter but he had not replied. What should I do?

So, I wanted to get into a top-100 masters program in Mathematics and, I think, I was going pretty good in my voyage during bachelors (even found a novel proof recently!).
Today, just to check out my prospects of getting into my dream course, I conferred with two delegates – one of KCL and another one of UNSW – from Edwise International (an overseas educational consultancy; 1). Sadly, both the delegates refused to accept an applicant having distance learning degree advocating their university norms.

I was already suspicious about my 3 year program since most of the universities ask for 16 years of education and then they are saying this. I’m heart broken. Dreams and reality seems to disagree.

I hope to get a better perspective regarding my chance to get into a good college abroad from here.

NB: I’m pretty sure to obtain good recommendation letters from top colleges of my country, India, by having an REU there next year. I’ve got recognised in a second tier college here recently through a math event and from there I’m hoping to develop my roots and connections for the next year internship and meanwhile I’ll be doing as much as I can to improve my prospects.

NB 2: I’m currently a second year student of IGNOU which happens to be the biggest university of the world and a member of Commonwealth of Learning, whatever that means.