What I have understood till date is that abstract summarizes the work done in the research article (Journal + Conference), and so does the conclusion section.

However, the conclusion section not only summarizes the work (like abstract) but also give a hint of what results were produced?

Can someone best explain what to (and what not to) include in Abstract section? Similarly in the conclusion section

everyone I am looking some help with abstract writing with an example. I don’t have any idea about how to make a good abstract for a research paper, so I need your help with that. I read a blog post where I found 7 abstract examples. Anybody wants to read it here is the link https://www.assignments4u.com/7-good-abstract-examples-to-jumpstart-your-piece/ if you have any others source that can resolve my problem please let me know.

I started my PhD last August, and recently I submitted an abstract to a major conference. After submitting it I noticed that on one of my figures, which contain multiple subfigures, I have forgotten to remove some of the red AutoCorrect squiggly underlines in the figure headings. As the abstract deadline has been reached, it is not possible for me to correct this and submit a new version. I really don’t know how I could have missed this considering how carefully I worked on the abstract, but somehow this just slipped by both me and my supervisor who reviewed the abstract. I feel that the research itself is of high enough quality to warrant a presentation, but now I’m worried that this stupid mistake may affect my overall score under the review process.

My question is therefore: how serious is such a “cosmetic” error when the abstract is reviewed? If anyone familiar with the review process can inform me how much emphasis is put on this, then I would greatly appreciate it!

I want to write abstract for some fellowship. I have googled and find out that how I should write it to some extent. I still have few doubts about it.

  1. Do I need to define definition in the abstract?
  2. Should I try to avoid mathematical detail in abstract?
  3. Do I need to add reference also at the end?

I need to write 1000 words. Please help.

I have seen this link

I will submit an “extended abstract” to a conference in game studies. This is not my primary field of study (more of a hobby), so the stakes are low and I am unaware of the conventions of the field. It is also a reasonably new field of study, so it is not clear how standardized any conventions are.

The guidelines for the abstract submission are as follows:

The papers to be presented will be chosen based on extended abstract review.
The abstracts should be 500–1000 words (plus references). Abstracts should be
delivered in PDF format. Please use 12 pt Times New Roman, double-spaced, for
your text.

The description leaves some questions open.

  • Presumably I should add the title of the abstract/talk to the submission.
  • There is no mention of whether the peer review will be double-blind or not, and consequently whether I should include my name or not.
  • Is there a standard citation style within the field?

This is the first time this particular conference has an academic track, so it is not possible to consider earlier iterations of it. The conference in question is the academic track of Ropecon 2018.

I am searching for good conferences to submit my hard working. Therefore, I found a conference where they ask authors to submit their work as abstract only consisting of limited 1200 words. The abstract should include [Introduction (300 words), Methods (300 words), Results (300 words) and Conclusions with Contributions (300 words)]. At this time, I already have my research work in 8 pages in IEEE format.

The conference is B rank according to ERA2010 requirements. So if I decided to submit my work there and got accepted, will it be less influential than being accepted with IEEE conference that publishes authors work in 8 double column format papers?

This is a respected conference. Reviewers accepted but commented this

Novelty of the topic! Abstract could be better
explained and have figures.

Ok, I understand that I need to highlight novelty and more info, but having the figure? what does that mean? Graphical abstract? graph from research results? I am ashamed to ask reviewers because they are well-known names in the field. ( H index over 50 and 30)

I am organizing a workshop and would like to be able to upload the abstracts I am receiving on a private website, with the ability for the members of the scientific committee to check applicants details and abstracts, to leave a recommendation or grade (e.g., 3/5 or “reject/accept”), and possibly to also leave comments. Are there any free (or reasonably priced) web tools available for this kind of task? Alternatively, a tool which is not specifically meant for this task but could be repurposed to meet my needs could also do it.