Being an ACM student member I now have the opportunity to transition to a professional membership (having just completed the Ph.D. degree). However, the benefits of a professional membership over a student one is not clear at all. It seems almost negligible at this page.

So, what is the advantage of a professional ACM membership over a student membership option?

I’m using documentclass{sig-alternate} to write an article. The thing is, we should use author and then add alignauthor, affil, and email for each author. Two authors has affiliation1 and the others has affiliation2 and I want to save space by creating a footnote. How can I do this?
Note that the new format doesn’t let me use sharedaffiliation as used by many users before.

I have been wondering about if there is any document in which is stated the criteria for scoring an article according to ACM. For example, for the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing I thought that the scores were from 1 to 5, but I have seen some parts that they put a 6, or maybe is a typo?
Does anyone knows the ACM criteria or the ranges of those scores?

I need some urgent help please. I am a novice with LaTex and Overleaf.
Would any one of you know how to use the ACM conference template from Overleaf ? I am using it for the first time and for my first conference paper, so any pointers will be useful.
My main query is do I directly start editing the acm conference template that appears on my Overleaf account after I sign in ? Or do I have to follow some steps to edit it ?
Thanks in advance