I have been wondering about if there is any document in which is stated the criteria for scoring an article according to ACM. For example, for the ACM Symposium on Applied Computing I thought that the scores were from 1 to 5, but I have seen some parts that they put a 6, or maybe is a typo?
Does anyone knows the ACM criteria or the ranges of those scores?

I need some urgent help please. I am a novice with LaTex and Overleaf.
Would any one of you know how to use the ACM conference template from Overleaf ? I am using it for the first time and for my first conference paper, so any pointers will be useful.
My main query is do I directly start editing the acm conference template that appears on my Overleaf account after I sign in ? Or do I have to follow some steps to edit it ?
Thanks in advance

I am looking into options to submit my research paper to this conference:
http://www.icbdr.org/ or – http://www.iccbdc.org/index.html

Both of the links indicate that after acceptance, the paper will be published in ACM library and indexed in Scopus and EI. But after I discussed with my colleagues they said that there is a chance of being a scam.

I checked the ACM main events but did not find any of the above-mentioned conferences but instead, I found them in Non-ACM Events http://www.acm.org/conferences/non-acm-events.

Does it mean that the work will be published and archived in ACM library?

I have received an immediate reject notice from the journal ACM CSUR mentioning that my written survey had 13% similar materials with respect to the online available sources. Passing through the instances one by one, it sounds to me that the majority are just the text of the references to the citations, e.g., “Authors et al. [first_author et al. Year]”, some standard terms such as “performance”, “tuning”, and many standard ACM sections such as the ACM Copyright section, etc.

P.S: The application that does this check is called “iThenticate”.

Had anyone experienced the same issue ? Normally what do we do to proceed in this status? Does ACM have a fixed threshold on this similarity score?

This question already has an answer here:

The ACM license states

(iii) Post the Accepted Version of the Work on (1) the Author’s home
page, (2) the Owner’s institutional repository, (3) any repository
legally mandated by an agency funding the research on which the Work
is based, and (4) any non-commercial repository or aggregation that
does not duplicate ACM tables of contents, i.e., whose patterns of
links do not substantially duplicate an ACM-copyrighted volume or
issue. Non-commercial repositories are here understood as repositories
owned by non-profit organizations that do not charge a fee for
accessing deposited articles and that do not sell advertising or
otherwise profit from serving articles.

Does this (somehow) include ResearchGate?