We have our idea patented with the company we are working currently for. But, we have also been writing a paper draft on the theory and the mathematics behind the idea with practical results, plots, comments, and future directions. Can we submit the paper to arXiv linking it to the original patent? I am confused because arXiv is for open publishing but having the core idea patented doesn’t, probably, allow open usage of the algorithm. Does it then contain the same academic value and worth putting on arXiv? Does arXiv allow such a thing at all? Thanks

Recently I’ve sent a paper to arXiv, to math.GM primary category, then, somehow it was added a crosslist to math.CO, the category I’m not endorsed and can’t send there papers, it was done automatically or by moderators. The same day submission was put to ‘on hold’, this status took approx. 2 days. Then submission category was changed to ‘None’ and ‘Crosslist’ to math.CO was removed, see screenshot submission status.

Has somebody experienced same situation and what probability that paper Will be rejected/approved?

I am submitting my paper to a journal that requires to cite Arxiv pre-prints within the content of the submitted article (presenting the same work) to avoid self-plagiarism. How would I practically perform such a citation:

  • In which section of my manuscript should I cite the Arxiv reference?
  • What would be an adequate explanation for this citation?

ArXiv expects (La)TeX sources to be submitted rather than a PDF. But – if you build a document on a different system – different TeX distribution with different updates – you are not guaranteed to get exactly the same result. Worse than that – some packages/functionality which you’re using may be missing.

How, then, should I approach making sure my (hopefully upcoming) ArXiv upload actually build and produce as little divergence from the version I build at home?

I am new to arXiv and when I asked several of my colleagues which license I should select for my submission, they tell me to use the one marked as default, referring to the “arXiv.org perpetual” license. However, the statement that implies that “perpetual” is default has been removed apparently. I am simply asking to find out why that is, and if anything important has changed recently.

Here is what the first page of an arXiv submission looked like in 2012, according to this blog:
enter image description here

Notice the underlined statement: Select arXiv perpetual unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Today it looks like this:
enter image description here

The default qualifier statement is gone! Why is that? Has anything changed?