I am looking for Job change somewhere in Australia, currently working in India!

I have done B.TECH, M.tech and Ph.D. degree in the field of Mechanical Engineering along with 10 years of teaching experience in different position!!

Is there anyone in this community, who have gone through a similar phase?

Any input would be greatly appreciated !! Thanks in advance

I have been offered a temporary (3 years) post doc in Australia with a salary and superannuation.

As an American,

  • Can I access this money? Is there a penalty?
  • Can I transfer it to a tax-advantaged American account?
  • Is it held in an investment vehicle? Can I choose it?
  • If I do not retire in Australia, can I still let it sit in an Australian investment vehicle until I am retirement age and then withdraw from it?

Let me try to be clear with this question to avoid responses that do not help.

I am enrolled on a fully funded PhD in the UK. I also have an industry partner for this which is actually a public body.

I would like to go to Australia for a year as my girlfriend, who is a junior doctor, will be going to work there for a year.

I was wondering if it is a known possibility that I could go out there and do some research/ or work with a relevant public body, that would be a useful addition to my current PhD research.

I have yet to speak to my supervisor about basically putting my PhD time and funding here on freeze, if i was to do this, because i first wanted to find out if i could actually do it/ arrange something out in Australia that would be useful for me academically.

The way i am looking at it, is that it could be an incredible opportunity to gain experience abroad in between completing my PhD and hopefully even work on something that could be put in my thesis without using up my time and funding in the UK. Not to mention for my subject area, Australia is the best in the world.

I hope I have been clear enough but to summarise;

  1. Possible to take a planned ‘break’ during funded PhD to go abroad for an extended period of time (doing something relavent)?
  2. Is it possible to arrange to do research/ work in a university for a year in Australia in something relevant to my field that could contribute to my PhD?

Any ideas you clever people?

I’ve earned an MDS (Master of Dental Surgery) in public-health dentistry in India. My thesis and other research projects focused on developing a module for dental students on tobacco cessation counselling.

Now I am in Australia, currently with an Australian spouse visa.

  1. What qualifications are required to work as a research assistant in Australia?

  2. Is it possible for me to work in research field as a research assistant or as a public-health professional without clearing the Australian Dental Council exam?

I’m currently studying Computer Science at an Australian university.

About 4-5 months ago, I submitted what the university calls a “Credit for Prior Learning Application” which is a form that allows one to claim specified or unspecified credits based on one’s own prior studies (self or formal) or professional or volunteer experience. (Specified credit basically equals not having to take that subject.)

Each subject at the university has specific learning outcomes that must be demonstrated in order to receive credits for the class.
I applied for 4 subjects and spent a lot of time filling out the forms and addressing each individual learning outcome by providing (numerous) specific examples in great detail from my previous workplaces along with software I developed. I also submitted a lot of evidence to support my claims such as my previous employers’ phone numbers, links to the software I developed, etc.

About a month ago I decided to meet with the Head of Faculty to discuss my application since I hadn’t heard anything about my application after all this time. He said the university didn’t like that I applied for four subjects for specified credits. He said they might get me to take a supervised exam to demonstrate my knowledge in the subjects but nothing had been decided yet.

Earlier today, the university came back to me and said they had decided to implement a new rule stating that undergrad students of Computer Science would not be able to claim specified credit for prior learning. Needless to say, I am a bit upset about it and feel my application should be considered as normal since I submitted it prior to any such rule existing. I am an international student and pay a lot of money per subject as well so I feel this might have had something to do with it.

What can I do to get the university to recognize my past professional experience and self-study?

Just got the news that my wife is now eligible for pursing PhD, she is currently working as Assistant Professor in Govt Engineering College, so I was curious to know if we can opt for an PhD in Australia. Can someone give me understanding of earnings she can make, can someone please advice me regarding the visa category which she will get and what will be my position if I travel with her as well. I work for a software company and there are good chances I get a good job in Austratla so, Can I also apply for a job there and work just on dependent visa that I can apply for or I will have to do it separately? Also if someone is aware about PhD program in some university of Sydney then it will be of great help.

For the purpose of applying for a lecturer position in Australia in computer science (CS), what are “research activities” and “scholarly activies”, and how do they differ? The applicant is asked to provide “scholarly and research activities” according to the selection criteria stated in a particular job description on the website of the CS department to which I am applying to. However, both terms seem to me way too vague or broad from a purely linguistic viewpoint. The discussion in What does "research activities" mean? touches only the “research activity” term, but even this discussion is incomplete and contradictory.