We have a system in which, to get accepted in the program, you have to have a published research because that will add some points to your application and you will have priority.
Anyway, some investigators started to grant authorship on such publications for money, gathering a number of people and write their names on the paper as co-authors in return those people paying them.

I was naïve and I paid for such a thing. Please don’t judge me. Now I know it is academic misconduct, so I want my name to be dropped from that publication. How can I do this?

Don’t judge me !
We have a system that is to get accepted in the program, you have to have a published research because that will add some points to your cv and you will have priority..
Anyway, some investigators started to do researchs for money, gathering a number of people and write their names on the paper as co-authors in return those people pay them..
I was naive and I patricipated in one and payed them.. now I know it is ilegal or that have some manners issues, so I want my name to be dropped from that research ..?!! How ??!!

Slowly but surely my supervisor’s behaviour has escalated. It started from unreasonable, to downright unethical.

My university complies to the Vancouver autrhorship protocol, yet my supervisor/HoC has made his own guidebook regarding who is author and when. Something along the lines of “Student, Actual Contributor, Cosupervisor, Supervisor, Head of Center”. Which implies that he is on every single paper. In my papers and in my work in general, though I always inform him and invite his contribution, he never really does anything more than “give comments” which are surprisingly all clustering in introduction and conclusion. When I am finished with my PhD, I need to submit a form for every paper I’ve published and state which of the coauthors have contributed in which way. This is a direct clash with the University rules.

He also overrules the PhD school, even when he simply cannot. My Mid-PhD evaluation report is now 3 months late, but “who cares, they are super rigid anyway”.

There are many examples of how his way of doing things does not comply to actual rules of the institution, and it is putting me in very bad situations both with other authors but more importantly it is impending my progress in my PhD project.

How do I raise these issues with him without being the black sheep that has a problem with the way he does things? It’s my impression that the university’s rules were put in place for some reason. I’ve informed the vice-dean of these things and it is being looked into, but in the mean time there are deadlines that I cannot afford to miss – a PhD is a time-constraining thing. Is there any way possible to bring to the table my honest concerns without implying that what he’s doing is immoral and incorrect?

After all, I’m a lowly PhD student whose credibility is worth nothing compared to the HoC. I don’t want to become a target.

Okay I’m pretty desperate here.

I’m a PhD student. I had a cosupervisor (Prof Y) that my supervisor (and head of center, Prof X) removed (without consulting me) from my project and assigned (again without consulting me) another cosupervisor (Prof Z). The assigning of cosupervisors to a PhD project at my university happens with a form that both the new cosupervisor and the student need to sign, which I did not, and thus my supervisor (Prof X) thinks he’s (Prof Z) my cosupervisor, but formally he isn’t.

I have a publication ready that he (Prof X) needs to approve before I submit. His major issue with the paper is the fact that as a coauthor I have added my ex-cosupervisor (Prof Y), who indeed has scientific contribution. I received an email telling me that he has not been informed that I was working with my ex-cosupervisor (Prof Y), that this is not normal practice and that he (Prof X) won’t approve the submission because of this.

Does he have the right to do this? Where is the academic freedom in policing who I collaborate with to such an extreme extent?

Please let me know your thoughts. I feel like I’m losing it.

UPDATE: I’ve contacted the vice-dean. He’s going to look into the situation as I forwarded everything to him and tell me his opinions. He was shocked that my supervisor/HoC needs to also approve submissions.

I am doing a phd in computer science.

Months ago, I was having an informal discussion about my research topic with my advisor, and he came out with a very high level conjecture about my research topic, something like “I have the feeling that A implies B”.

Now, I am working with other people on a different project, and during the work for this paper, I realized that what we were doing demonstrated that the conjecture of my advisor was correct (so A do implies B), and this makes a lot stronger our paper.

Now, which is the right etiquette to follow in terms of authorship of the paper?

  • Should I ask my advisor to join the project as a coauthor because the paper proves what he informally conjectured?
  • Should I simply speak to him notifying this fact and add him in the acknowledgement?

I have a great relation with him, but I am not sure on how to behave with respect to this topic.

Some professors publish their papers alone or with a single postdoc/PhD student. In this case, he/she should spend lots of time as a sole or second author.

Some professors publish the same kind of paper by several postdoc/PhD students and international collaborations. He/she is one of say 10 authors who have contributed to the paper. Thus, he/she needs much less time for publishing a paper.

In the latter case, they can publish much more papers. On the other hand, the papers attract more attention as each of 10 authors promote the paper.

I wonder if there is any value/credit for the former scheme? Or it is waste of time, and all professors should adopt the latter scheme as much he/she can?

I am a fresh medical graduate. I worked with a professor who harassed me sexually. Unfortunately, I was afraid to talk and also a little bit confused because I was an international visiting student at that time. I did a great job in his lab before he did that. He wrote for me a great letter of recommendation at that time. After he started to be unprofessional, I decided to leave his lab.

Since then, I was surprised that he published the preliminary results of the research as conference abstracts without putting my name as a co-author. However, he stated in the LoR that I am an author, formulated the primary draft and helped in the lab experiments, data collection, and statistical analysis as well. I sent him an email to ask him about the papers’ progress but he did not reply.

My question is: Now I want to apply for a research fellowship and I am going to use his LoR. But he wrote my last name as my father’s name, not the family name that I usually use in my applications. I do not feel comfortable to send him an email. I do not know if it will be a problem if there is a difference between my last name in the application (Hassan) and what he wrote (Elkhalil). I also feel so bad when I found him published the papers in an international conference without mentioning my name and feel worse for not reporting him, deleting the message, and moving on to another lab.

I’m a bioarchaeologist working on my PhD research in a field that incorporates biochemistry (stable isotope analysis) and bioarchaeology/anthropology. I have submitted my first peer-reviewed article based on my Masters thesis and am currently going through the revisions process. I casually mentioned this to my boss, who also happens to be one of my PhD supervisors, and he immediately asked to read the article and insisted that he wants to edit the stable isotope sections (he’s a geochemist). I demurred, because the situation doesn’t sit right with me, for several reasons:

First, he has absolutely nothing to do this article, as it is based on my Masters thesis research, which was done under a different supervisor and in a different country. Second, I’m not sure as to what his motives are. Does he simply want to help, or does he want co-authorship? I would rather not make him co-author, as, again, he has no business with my Masters research. Third, he’s pushy. I have clearly stated that I am a bioarchaeologist/anthropologist who uses biochemical/geochemical methods (stable isotope analysis), not the other way around, yet he is still trying to push me towards geology. I also do not like this. But, because there is no other place in the country to do my research, I am here only for that reason.

Does anyone have some advice? Am I overreacting, or am I right in feeling that he’s out of bounds?