After I graduated university in an unrelated field, I decided I want to learn a couple of math subjects. So I’ve gathered the interned resources I could find and I studied them on my own. I’ve been doing this in order to increase my chances of being accepted to a masters program that would require these as prerequisites.

But how am I to prove in my application that I’ve been learning these subjects through self study? If it were coding, I could have provided some github projects, but regarding mathematics I find it hard to find some meaningful way to attest that you’ve covered some area unless you’ve taken a university degree in that field.

I’m currently a High School student that is looking at my options after school. I plan on joining the workforce in an IT field, and eventually, want to work in software development/engineering.

I have been certain for a while that I would go and do a computer science bachelors, but I’m not 100% sure I can get the ATAR score to do so. The most important thing for me is the potential for salary growth, for example as a leader of a software development team.

An alternative for me is the completion of a Certificate 4 in Information Technology at opencolleges. I’m unsure of what is more valued in the Australian job market, particularly in regards to the worth of money and time.


I want to get Certification for Internet Research Specialist is there any best Institute for this type of certification?
Are there any online certification courses for Qualitative Internet research?
I know about some Association that are offering that kind of Certification

CIRS Certification has thus far the most comprehensive curriculum and a well rounded subject matter that fulfills the industry requirements. Another option is a course offered by CIW called CIW Internet Business Associate. There are some universities offering short courses on online search but most are structured for librarians.

Please give me some suggestion.

I’am curious about proving certification as a competent AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), MR (mixed reality) developer. I’am aware that I can obtain Unity3D certification from their website, which is a game engine used to build VR/AR apps; however, is it worth just going for a nano-degree in VR from Udemy, or would I be fine obtaining certifications in the following technologies that compromise of VR/AR development?

I am interested in pursuing a couple of online courses and certifications but I am not sure if they will count towards my university credits or in getting a job. I found some courses from this article but i need to make sure that they will actually be beneficial for me. They also have mentioned a couple of online degrees from University of People. Does it count as an accredited degree worldwide?