I’am curious about proving certification as a competent AR (augmented reality), VR (virtual reality), MR (mixed reality) developer. I’am aware that I can obtain Unity3D certification from their website, which is a game engine used to build VR/AR apps; however, is it worth just going for a nano-degree in VR from Udemy, or would I be fine obtaining certifications in the following technologies that compromise of VR/AR development?

I am interested in pursuing a couple of online courses and certifications but I am not sure if they will count towards my university credits or in getting a job. I found some courses from this article but i need to make sure that they will actually be beneficial for me. They also have mentioned a couple of online degrees from University of People. Does it count as an accredited degree worldwide?

In College we learn all the different modules of CCNA(1,2,3,4) but unfortunately my College is not authorized to hand out the CCNA certificates even if we get a score of 70% or higher. I don’t know how much value these Certificates have for a job later. So I’m wondering if it is interesting to get them by myself and if they are, where are the cheapest place is to get those certificates in Europe.

When applying for positions in academia (I think the question is valid for economy as well) I add several documents to my application: cover letter/motivational letter, CV, publication list, PhD Certificate, Diploma, employers’ references. As a PhD student and as a post-doc I have visited several courses that train soft skills like conflict management and are certified. These courses are offered by the university and provide a certificat and a supplement.

For any application, should I attach both documents (certificate and supplement) or only the certificate?

All in all my application start to get quite bloated (around 16 to 22 pages).