I’ve written a small piece of software which allows users to gain easy access to nice visualization of computed chemical reactions. It’s great having such videos in a presentation in a professional environment but it’s also nice for teaching or just science communication, even simple videos get quite a lot of views on youtube and they can be used for sparking interest in STEM careers.

I was thinking about writing a small tutorial about how to produce data to visualize using freeware and how to handle the software to make such videos in addition to providing the software. Since I’m already producing a manuscrip I thought I might be able to publish it rather than just putting it on a preprint server.

However, it’s out of scope for the chemistry journals I’ve looked at and also the chemistry education journal. I thought about science communication journals (terrible search phrase) but all that I could find are reporting on research regarding science communication and tools helping with science communication don’t seem to fit.

Any idea where such an article could be published?

I am currently working with a certain chemical compound whose name its very well known and largely studied. However, due to my findings that relate this compound with an industrial procedure (that cannot be patented), I am not able to mention its name in a possible manuscript.

My question is if anybody knows about publications that somehow avoid to mention the name of a chemical compound due to industrial secrecy from which I could guide my thoughts towards writing such a manuscript.

I just want to know what would be the best course to choose and follow up till doctrate? I personally like physical and inorganic chemistry. (I know that is vague), but since I am still in highschool, I can explore the variety of suggestions that you guys give and choose what suits best for me. Please also list careers related to the course if possible. All suggestions are appreciated.

PS: I live in India and looking forward to takeup my Undergraduate course here.

Apologies if this isn’t a correct website to ask. But I’m a UK student applying to study Chemistry at university mostly because I’m good at the subject and I enjoy learning the applications of what it can bring to us in the future like nanotechnology. I applied to UCL (Chemistry with Managment), Durham, Manchester, Bath and Warwick. I intend to get into a career in finance or IB possibly but not too sure yet.

I’ve recently decided to take a year off to see what I actually want to do with life and also just to relax after being burnt out over countless times and travel.

I think most of my problem is because of the fact that I take other people into account of chemistry and not just block them off.

So I just want to know what I can do with a Chemistry degree?