I recently received an invitation to review a mathematics paper for a conference called “International Conference on Physics, Mathematics and Statistics”. It’s not one I’m familiar with, but their proceedings are to be published by what appears to be a reputable publisher (IOP; Journal of Physics: Conference Series).

The invitation said “The review period will be 1 week.” This seemed quite unusual based on my experience with math journals – reviewers are usually given at least 2-3 months and often more, as it is necessary to carefully check the proofs for logical correctness. It made me wonder whether the conference was “real” or predatory.

I declined the invitation with a somewhat snappish comment about the review period being unreasonably short, but I wonder if I was out of line. I don’t have a lot of experience with conferences that publish proceedings. Was their timeline at all normal or reasonable by prevailing standards?

Is there a standard way they are paid?

We’ll concern ourselves only with cases where it’s stated that the conference will pay travel (up to a specific amount). However, does the speaker pay and then get compensated for receipts? Does the conference pay the tickets? Does it pay them in advance?…

If you need a concrete case – Black Hat https://www.blackhat.com/us-18/call-for-papers.html .

A friend of mine submitted a paper to a conference, about a topic he was working on in his company. Recently, he got fired from his company so unfairly due to colleagues jealousy (seriously). He already got approval for publication when he was there, but the submission was made arter the firing. The work was a side project, not exact responsibility for him. And he was the only author from the company.

Is he obliged to add his company name as his affiliation? They are not going to pay for the registration and travel sponsorship. He doesn’t want to mention he even worked there.

I’m planning to submit a paper to an IEEE conference. On their website they mention that the paper should be “formatted according to the standard IEEE Computer Society Press proceedings style guide“. Which latex header should be used in this case?




I am in computer science (theory). Suppose, I submit a research paper to a tier-1 conference, and it gets rejected due to some issues in it. After doing correction, is it possible that I can submit it to a tier-1 conference again? Is there any rule or similar like: If my research paper gets rejected in any top conference, then I cannot submit the result in any top conference?

I’ve started a PhD a few months ago with the intention of researching the applications of machine learning and signal processing techniques for algorithmic trading and market microstructure. I am considering writing a review paper exploring a number of machine learning techniques and their implementation as part of different algorithmic trading strategies. The idea is to do a thorough review of a good number of machine learning techniques and apply them to trading strategies, assess their performance (in terms of regression/classification/etc. metrics as well as metrics like the Sharpe ration, max drawdown, etc.)

My question is what are the best conferences/journals to publish something like this?