I published my first article a while ago, nothing special, just rigorous formalization of some well-known facts.

Now I got a mail writing

We have read about your published precious paper in FORMALIZED MATHEMATICS titled About Quotient Orders and Ordering Sequences, and the topic of the paper has impressed us a lot.
The paper has attracted attention from researchers and scholars specializing in quotient order; ordered finite sequences.

Especially the last part looks manufactured, that are just the keywords extracted.

On behalf of the Editorial Board of the journal, we sincerely invite you to join our team as the editorial board member or reviewer of ******. Taking your academic background and rich experience in this field into account, the Board believe that you are quite qualified for this position. We believe that your position as the editorial board member or reviewer will shine a light on your research in related fields.

“academic background and rich experience” Yeah, but no. Really, really no, at this point in time.

So the email is clearly generated automatically, but the links seem to work and the journal does have entries in Google Scholar and an archive on their website, it is not a scam per se. It is an Open Access and Peer reviewed journal, but it is obvious I was just some entry and no one looked at my paper (or my academic background) seriously.

How serious can such an invitation be? Since it’s a peer reviewed journal, are they just frantically looking for reviewers? Would they even consider a positive reaction of me, due to my academic short comings which start with me not even having a M.Sc. yet?

I’m specifically not asking for career advice. I’m not in the league of publication for too long, I don’t really know how things like becoming a reviewer work, if this would be payed for anyhow, etc. If this mail constitutes a bad practice I would like to know because I will likely get more of these in the future.

I work on political ecology and I currently writing up my thesis. Inadvertently I sent around 3000 words to a conference on “tribals” in Kerala organised by a TISS professor with no address or landline. I withdrew the paper but fear misuse. How can I work on it for publication now?

I have served as reviewer for allied academies and decided to submit an article myself, but couldn’t find any info regarding APCs.
After some months I was told that my article is accepted and I have to pay a huge amouth of 1406 euros (sorry but I do believe it’s an insane money I can’t give especially for a journal without impact factor).
I wrote the editors and accountant I want to withdraw the manuscript for it is impossible for me to pay (this is more than 2 times my salary), so they asked me how much can you pay, and I honestly answered that so far I have never paid more than 100 usd (my university can not help me in paying the manuscript). So today I have recieved an email stating : “Following the standard practice of Open Access publishing, an author is obligated to pay the processing charges for the submitted manuscript after acceptance. If you would still decide to withdraw the paper, we request you to bear the expenditure incurred by the publisher.We ensure you that we will retract the Article from Website after processing the withdrawal charges of USD 119$. This is the minimum fee and maximum discount given to the Author.” Sorry but why should I have to pay anything? It’s not like they have paid the reviewes (I have never been paid for that)… I really don’t understand the situation. If I pay they will withdraw the article if I do’t then what? they’ll publish it? Any advice would be helpful

Since a year ago my lab group is invested in producing a special issue for a journal of a controversial publisher that is listed as a predatory one in its open access branch. But my compliances about the doubtful ethics of the publisher were not heard on the bases that the Journal is not in the open-access actually publishes some reputable journals, one of them the journal where the special issue is going to be published.

Now they inform me that as all the laboratory is into the publication, I have to participate of it. As I am strongly against doing so, I’m also not in the best situation with them, as I posed as a problem in several ethical and organizational aspects before. So now I don’t know how to proceed in a manner that won’t suppose bringing more troubles into our already deteriorated relationship.

I’m afraid that keeping my position against participating in such endeavor will put me as the only one who doesn’t want to work, as well as the only one always complaining and therefor damaging my already difficult track in trying to finish my PhD.

I have no idea of how to proceed, or if I should do it at all, as the actual journal in question is not one of the listed as predatory. Should I follow the reputation of the publisher and keep opposing? or should I follow the reputation of the journal and avoid more troubles to our already tense relationship?

A colleague and I recently submitted a paper to a journal with an impressive-sounding name, the “International Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Computational Research”. According to their website,

IJAICR is a referred [sic] journal in the field of computer science, artificial intelligence and soft computing methods.

It was accepted two days after we submitted it. That’s too fast. We were suspicious. Although the journal said that all papers are peer-reviewed, we could not see how that was done in two days. Plus, we received no comments from the reviewers. Also, the submission guidelines didn’t ask for a “blind” copy (without our names or any references to who we were).

But wait, there’s more.

The acceptance letter asked us to send them US$300 to publish it. We did not. We’ve withdrawn our submission and will submit a new version of the paper to a more reputable journal in the coming months.

How might we make a better choice of respectable journals before we submit next time?